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Payroll is an essential function in every business, affecting cash flow, productivity and profitability. Even more, payroll plays a vital role in your organisation’s culture. Without accurate, compliant, timely payroll, businesses could experience reputation harm, low employee engagement and high employee turnover.

However, payroll processing doesn’t have to be time consuming and complex – with an experienced local payroll partner. Trust SD Worx to handle your organisation’s payroll processing, employee benefits processes and accounting tasks such as tax withholding.

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In search of the perfect way to modernise your organisation’s payroll? SD Worx offers powerful cloud-based payroll technology and services that deliver better compliance and significantly lower costs.

We achieve this by simplifying and automating complex payroll requirements, resulting in higher payroll accuracy, valuable payroll-related insights and even more efficient payroll processes. But it’s not just our technology that makes us stand out; our people are industry experts who are passionate about bringing real value to our customers.

Trusted, proven expertise

  • SD Worx handles 4,000,000+ payslips per month and serves a client base of 70,000+ employers.
  • We offer proprietary payroll engines in 9 countries
  • Our payroll experts are experienced in every industry, from retail and manufacturing to the nonprofit and public sectors.
  • We are backed by 75 years of experience and a strong position in every market.
  • We received the ‘Best HR Service Provider of the Decade’ in the last edition of the Belgian HR Excellence Awards.

Services tailored to your business needs

  • Solutions for employers of one to one million employees.
  • Tailored payroll services, from SaaS or managed payroll services to comprehensive payroll services.
  • Comprehensive payroll outsourcing that offers market-leading payroll software delivered by exceptional payroll professionals.
  • Backed by in-country experts who speak your language.
  • Options for international growth – from hiring your first employee abroad and expanding into surrounding countries to a truly global payroll solution.

Flexible and technology-enabled solutions

  • Configurable and scalable cloud-based payroll software, from local best-of-breed to ERP-based solutions.
  • Seamless integration with leading HR platforms, absences, time and attendance systems and more.
  • Employee and manager self-service through the SD Worx Assistant empowers your people to perform administrative tasks themselves through a single app and boosts the employee experience. 
  • Dynamic mobile payslips enable your people to access their payslips at any time on any device.
  • A range of powerful payroll reports based on real-time data, unlocking accurate reporting and forecasting at any moment.

Compliant, accurate payroll

  • Legal compliance is guaranteed by the rules embedded in our payroll software and personal advice delivered by local experts.
  • Expert local consulting services on a wide range of payroll-related topics, such as reward, tax, benefits, legal, and more.

Benefits for your organisation

Gain peace of mind

Streamlined cost control

  • Reduce the costs of IT infrastructure, maintenance and data security as well as indirect costs such as compliance and payroll expertise.
  • Count on predictable charges based on payroll volumes per country
  • Scale up or down as your needs change with solutions that grow alongside your business.
  • Standardise, streamline and automate manual steps in the payroll process.

Added business value

  • Inspire employee loyalty, trust and engagement by putting consistent, accurate, transparent pay information at their fingertips.
  • Rely on valuable insights using simplified reporting and analytics tools to inform business decision-making.

Our solutions

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Marks & Spencer

High street and online retailer Marks & Spencer achieved their award-winning “Plan A” environmental initiative by modernising their HR, Payroll & Workforce Management. We helped their transition to online payslips and reduction in paperwork in-store which secured them the coveted Personnel Today Award for Managing Change. There's only one place for paper payslips - the past.


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Before we started using HRevolution, I would submit a holiday request by paper. It took so long to get approved. Now I submit a form electronically quickly which is approved in minutes.
Store Employee Marks & Spencer

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