Attractive, cost-efficient reward and compensation

The bedrock of a winning employee experience

Implementing a well-considered wage policy is a tricky balancing act. On one hand, an attractive reward package can transform employees into ambassadors. On the other, your wage policy must be cost conscious. SD Worx can help you design a salary package that exceeds employee expectations and meets every one of your financial requirements.

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SD Worx offers a comprehensive combination of tools, expertise and benchmark data to help you develop and maintain a compensation and reward policy that is aligned with your business strategy, flexible, in harmony with the market and financially optimised for your organisation and its people. Empower your employees through personalised salary packages and an interactive reward statement.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Ensure high employee motivation levels with the right wage policies and the choice of extra benefits for strong performers.
  • Give your recruitment policy a boost through up-to-date market and salary insights and by presenting candidates with wage developments and career prospects.
  • Strengthen your corporate culture by building your reward and recognition programme on your core values.
  • Encourage trust and transparency by opening a dialogue about pay systems, future perspectives and expectations with employees.
  • Stay compliant with all laws and legislation concerning minimum wage, the gender pay gap and pay equity.

What we offer

Deep expertise

  • Our experts apply a carefully developed methodology to help you develop a payroll policy and reward strategy that supports your organisation’s strategic objectives, aligns with your financial outlook and takes employee lifelong learning, career opportunities and work-life balance into account.
  • We help you give your employees a say in the composition of their salary packages, keep costs under control and ensure legal compliance through a well-designed flexible remuneration system.
  • To enable you to offer the most value to your employees and manage costs, we help you put your salary package together as cost effectively as possible.

Smart digital tools

  • Budgeting and calculation tools from SD Worx bring you an overview of your current costs in a few clicks and enable you to simulate wage harmonisation and modernisation scenarios, budget forecasts, working conditions and more.
  • With the fully digital, automated Flex Income PlanTM from SD Worx, you can identify pay components that you can make more flexible, creating a remuneration “budget” that employees can shape to their needs and desires – all without increasing costs.
  • Our interactive, user-friendly reward communication tool boosts transparency and trust by enabling your people to better understand their pay packages and simulate the concrete results of changing their work situations.

Comprehensive benchmark data

  • Highly accurate payroll databases curated by SD Worx are based on our clients’ payroll information and unlock market-based remuneration as an element of a sustainable wage policy. Gain a parameter-specific overview of total rewards for each position and compare these with the salary data of your own employees.


Pointlogic HR

Pointlogic offers innovative, analytical methods and technology that enable smart decision-making. By combining powerful mathematical models with simple, flexible software tools, we provide you with impactful results that can be applied directly and easily.

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