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44% of European HR professionals does not know what General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is

28 November 2017

• 44% of European HR professionals is not familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) • 81% of those who are aware of GDPR believe they will be ready by the May 2018 deadline • 55% of European HR professionals think that GDPR could be a risk, leading them to implement various preparations • More than seven out of ten(72.6%) think outsourcing HR will help them with complying with the GDPR by May 2018

SD Worx wins HR Excellence Award for Best Employee Benefits, Compensation and Rewards Company

21 November 2017

Antwerp, 17 November 2017 – HR service provider SD Worx has been received the award for Best Employee Benefits, Compensation and Rewards Company at the annual HR Excellence Awards. The awards celebrate HR companies that provide innovative services and offer clear added value to companies in the private and public sectors.

SD Worx wins Corporate IT Award 2017 in the Customer Experience category

18 October 2017

Antwerp, 17 October 2017 – HR service provider SD Worx has won the Customer Experience award for its Business Owners' Service at the first Corporate IT Awards. The awards were presented to businesses from the private and public sectors that make smart use of IT to achieve real competitive benefits.

Comparison of Payroll in Spain, France, The United Kingdom and Germany

18 October 2017

Seresco and SD Worx, two leading experts in payroll outsourcing and members of the biggest international alliance of payroll solutions, the Payroll Services Alliance, has analysed the payslip of managers in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, with gross annual pay of 60,000€ and data from their partners. Among the main conclusions, the comparison highlights that the employee in France only pays their personal income tax once per year. Thus, each month they receive a higher net pay, up to 86% more than in Spain. In the same scenario, employees in Spain have a larger number of deductions (8) than in Germany and the United Kingdom, which is surpassed only by the employee in France (15).

SD Worx expands SAP partnership with SuccessFactors offering

24 August 2017

Brussels, 24 August 2017. HR service provider SD Worx has inked a partnership deal with IT specialists SAP for the sale, distribution and implementation of SAP Successfactors, the HR cloud software. Together with SAP partner Flexso for People for People, SD Worx is building a standardised component that links the SAP software to SD Worx’s proprietary payroll engine. This will enable organisations to effortlessly organise their entire HR, including their payroll administration, in one fell swoop from a single contract and a single software.