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Labour market calls for more talent mobility

15 December 2020

How do companies guarantee that all looming skill gaps are dealt with in a timely way? The traditional approach – hiring permanent, payrolled employees – is still favoured in most European countries, according to an international survey conducted by European HR and payroll services provider SD Worx. However, more and more HR departments are expanding their horizons. With COVID-19 making smart workforce management even more pressing, employers should seize the opportunity to thoroughly revisit their talent strategies.

Digital HR

Digital and mobile HR services key to unlock both employees’ and employers’ needs

23 November 2020

An international employee survey conducted by HR and payroll services provider SD Worx amid the COVID-19 crisis shows that most employees would prefer to have more digital options when handling HR-related issues. Employers seem to have understood the urgent need for change, with 64.8% of them having short-term plans to improve their HR service delivery to employees. The ultimate goal: boosting their rather low employee engagement scores.


SD Worx and MobileXpense expand partnership internationally

18 November 2020

The European HR & payroll services provider SD Worx and MobileXpense announce the expansion of their partnership across Europe to further help businesses in their day-to-day payroll and expense management. As part of their collaboration, both companies will co-develop new digital expense management solutions. MobileXpense and SD Worx partner on a global scale, and will initially focus on Germany and the UK as key markets.

European companies struggle to connect with digital HR

European companies struggle to connect with digital HR

27 October 2020

A new survey by HR & Payroll services provider SD Worx conducted in 11 countries across Europe reveals the limited digital maturity of many HR departments. While some countries, like the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Ireland and the UK, are performing slightly better, less than half of the 3,000 polled companies are satisfied with the automation level of their HR and payroll processes and digital HR tools. Mainly SMEs (<250 employees) can still take big leaps.

SD Worx was listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s July 2020 Market Guide for Multicountry Payroll Solutions

21 September 2020

The Gartner Market Guide for Multicountry Payroll Solutions has once again named SD Worx a 'Representative Vendor’. The payroll and HR service provider, which operates in more than 130 countries, is honoured to receive this accolade. SD Worx is one of 21 companies worldwide to receive this honour.