Made-to-measure staffing and recruitment solutions

Enabling your organisation to find and deploy staff to achieve your objectives

A tight labour market, increasingly specialised competencies and a number of digital candidate platforms make it more and more difficult for companies to choose the right strategies and tools for workforce sourcing. With our tailor-made staffing and recruitment solutions, SD Worx offers an answer to your talent sourcing challenges.

We work closely with you to identify the unique strategy your organisation needs to attract the right candidates. In addition, we help you embed agility into your organisation, offering flexible solutions to your employees and optimising the composition of your teams to engage and retain valuable talent – temporary and permanent.

Flexible Staffing

In search of employees for temporary replacements, or to absorb peaks in production and demand? We assist you in optimising the capacity of your flexible workforce and source the competencies you need to guarantee business continuity and high performance.

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Permanent recruitment

We provide you with the tools, support and advice you need to fill your permanent positions. We help you source, select, engage and hire the best talent to ensure your company’s future.

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Project Staffing

Whether you need a single expert or a team of highly skilled talent, in the short or long term, part or full time, we align the requirements of your project with skilled HR experts, project managers, consultants and Young Professionals. We offer training and coaching throughout the lifecycle of your project. 

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