Flexible staffing

Flexible staffing

Ensure business continuity and performance by effectively managing your flexible workforce

Effectively managing fluctuations in your organisation’s employment needs – including temporary expert talent – requires a tailored approach to staffing and recruitment. SD Worx offers solutions to help you get the most out of your talent, no matter which type of contract they have.

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If you have already identified the right candidate but need flexible day- or week-based contracts, easily get started with our self-service payrolling tool. For comprehensive service, hand over the complete recruitment and selection process for your temporary workforce to our experts.

We pay the utmost attention to the efficiency of the sourcing process, the quality of candidate selection and the effectiveness of the planning, contracting and evaluation cycle. To do so, we combine digital solutions and know-how with recruitment expertise, learning and coaching initiatives and a streamlined administrative process. By working closely with you, we help you build a perfectly tailored approach to staffing and recruitment.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Consistently count on an optimised flexible workforce by relying on our proven tools and long-standing expertise.
  • Maximise business performance by effectively meeting all structural and occasional additional workforce needs.
  • Streamline and simplify the hiring and workforce planning process through customisable service levels, supported by state-of-the-art tools.

What we offer

  • As an ethical staffing partner, we work by the book – we tell it like it is and offer straightforward, transparent guidance at every step of the way.
  • Our services cover the entire recruitment process and are fully integrated.
  • We ensure seamless, secure data transfer to convert your flex workers into permanent employees with zero hassle.
  • A dedicated partner for both fix and flex employees capable of optimising the management of your workforce across the entire organisation.

Our solutions


Belgium Airport Services trusts in SD Worx as co-pilot

When Belgium Airport Services was established in 2018, the company immediately chose SD Worx as its payroll partner. Today, SD Worx also delivers flexible workforce capacity on peak demand periods and implemented ‘protime’ a time tracking and registration tool.
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“Trust is a crucial building block of a solid, fruitful collaboration. I can honestly say that the SD Worx team keeps proving that they rightfully earn our trust. I value their open and transparent way of communicating and the fact they immediately propose solutions for our different HR challenges.”
Catherine Fontaine HR manager Belgium Airport Services

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