Helping you source, select, plan, onboard and evaluate temporary workers

From competency requirement analysis developing an optimal flexible workforce model and efficient planning and time registration to selecting and contracting the right resources and vendor management, we offer complete support for all of your flexible workforce management needs. This integrated approach provides your organisation with exactly what it needs to achieve the best results.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Deploy employees precisely when you need them and for the exact period of time needed.
  • Maintain leadership and supervision of your people while entrusting selection and screening to an experienced partner.
  • If desired, work for a period of time with flexible contracts and then hire the most promising talent.

Our offer

  • We collaborate with you to develop a tailored workforce management model, with attention to both flexibility and continuity.
  • Our team identifies employees with the precise competencies you need and provides regular feedback on our efforts.
  • We handle the entire planning and remuneration process.
  • We help you ensure proper compliance with legal provisions on temporary work.
  • On-site HR staffing support for the management of your flexible workforce, if needed.
  • We coordinate your collaboration with multiple temporary employment agencies and assist with the selection of partners.