Recruitment process outsourcing

Taking charge of your internal recruitment processes – aligned with your needs

Does your organisation need support in delivering effective recruiting results while enhancing efficiency and focus on core business areas? SD Worx Staffing Solutions offers experienced assistance with specific elements of your recruiting and selection value chain – or we can handle the entire process from end to end.

Through our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) offering, our experts take over (key elements of) the recruitment process for acquiring permanent employees in your organisation.

We ensure operational excellence and use the latest tools and market insights to quickly identify the talent you seek. Our RPO solution can be tailored to the specific needs or challenges of your organisation.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Ensure a flexible, scalable recruitment process.
  • Bring specialised knowledge and technology into your company without investing in internal resources or expensive tools.
  • Use the latest job market trends and insights to attract reliable, high-quality talent to your organisation.

Our offer

  • We take ownership of your specified recruiting process, manage it fully and commit ourselves to achieving a mutually agreed-upon result.
  • We take a flexible approach by working using your existing tools and processes or providing the necessary tooling ourselves.
  • We work to enhance your organisation’s employer branding in the long term by creating an optimal candidate experience.