Project staffing

Project staffing

Attract the right expertise – in a flexible way

In search of specific areas of expertise for a limited period time, to deliver a specific project or to temporarily support your organisation? SD Worx provides fully qualified temporary experts, product managers and talented consultants on a project basis, including flexible contractual options.

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For certain projects, organisations face significant challenges in finding the right people to ensure a successful, on-time, on-budget outcome. In these cases when niche support and unique skillsets, functions and roles are urgently required for a limited period of time, SD Worx offers screened, coached, trained experts in a wide range of domains that you can contract with in a flexible way.

Does your organisation have a highly specific temporary need, but are you unsure whether this will be a long-term requirement? SD Worx handles the selection process, places the best candidate onto your payroll and takes care of follow-up and training. You retain your flexibility, and we collaborate to ensure the commitment of the project-based employee.

Within diverse domains, we call upon numerous profiles with different experience levels. SD Worx works with experts, project managers, trainees and Young Professionals who can be deployed immediately to guarantee successful projects and business continuity.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Rapidly acquire the right expertise – without big investments.
  • Reduce costs by hiring trained experts on a project basis and aligning personnel costs with the specific periods that their expertise is required.
  • Ensure immediate beneficial impacts on your project or organisation.
  • Rely on SD Worx as a fully invested project partner responsible for delivering the right person with the right competencies to the right place.

What we offer

  • Directly deployable, highly qualified professionals in the following domains: production, marketing and communication, HR, customer care, logistics and supply chain and business administration.
  • We take on all contractual obligations.
  • Guidance and training for the professionals we bring to your organisation.
  • In the case that the right expert isn’t immediately available, we work with you to select the perfect alternative candidate. We handle their contract, follow-up and training during the period they engage with their company and take care of further employment afterward.

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We ensure success at the heart of your organisation. So that you and your employees can grow to their full potential. Join SD Worx now and acquire a strong partner in People Solutions.

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