Supporting organisations and people when employment comes to an end

Have you or are you planning to fire or lay off an employee? Are you unsure of the steps forward? Rely on our qualified coaches for tailored advice.

SD Worxs helps you comply with all legal requirements for outplacement and guarantees fast, personalised and professional handling of your file. Would you like to give your dismissed employee the best possible chances in their next professional role, or in their search for a new position? We are ideally positioned to help.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Guaranteed compliance with outplacement legislation applicable in Belgium.
  • Retain the positive image of your company, internally and externally.
  • Maintain social harmony within your organisation post dismissal.
  • Offer serene, favourable departure conditions to dismissed employees.

Our offer

  • Certified and experienced coaches who guide your employees through the outplacement process.
  • Rapid, tailored handling of your file.
  • Experienced legal advice.
  • Support and advice in facilitating clear communication with outplaced employees.
  • Comprehensive assistance; we take care of the management, communication and implementation of outplacement support in the context of collective redundancies.