Career and succession planning

Developing tomorrow’s workforce, today

In order to deliver on aggressive growth plans, companies must have the right people in the right roles, an engaged workforce and a strong talent pipeline – today, and in the future. Career succession and planning solutions from SD Worx help companies develop the talent they need to achieve today’s business goals while offering the visibility and planning capabilities necessary to support future growth. 

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SD Worx offers software solutions that enable HR leaders and managers to access talent, provide promising employees with strategic opportunities, and support them through personalised career development plans. 

Rely on our solutions, today and tomorrow, to improve bench strength across the entire organisation by conducting company-wide searches to uncover hidden talent. Instantly nominate internal and external successor candidates. Take action on recommended successors using talent pools to continually develop your single most important asset – your people. 

Benefits for your organisation

  • Ensure leadership continuity by proactively developing strong talent pools and have future leaders in place as the need arises. 
  • Boost employee engagement, retention and internal movement by offering a clear perspective of their development and future within the organisation. 
  • Empower employees to grow by demonstrating that talents have multiple career paths, giving them control over their development and advancement. 
  • Increase business productivity with better visibility and talent discovery, enabling you to rapidly fill critical positions by tapping internal talent. 
  • Enhance strategic alignment by linking employee development efforts with the organisation’s strategic goals. 
  • Support diversity by transforming the way people are promoted into leadership positions. 

What we offer

  • Future-focussed software solutions, ERP based or integrated within the SD Worx HCM suites  
  • A visual summary of the organisation enabling the identification of talent gaps and key positions. Zoom in on key information such as the risk of an employee leaving, the impact of that loss and successor readiness, and quickly measure your bench strength and take action. 
  • Comprehensive employee profiles, centralising all available HR information, to provide a better understanding of each employee.   
  • Easy-to-use assessment tools to identify employee competency and skills levels. 
  • ‘Good fit’ role recommendations to identify positions that match up with employee’s skills and interests using the ‘suggested roles’ capability. 
  • All processes and capabilities are supported by robust reporting, analytics and dashboarding. 

Our solutions

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