Impactful learning and development solutions

Impactful learning and development solutions

Offer highly personalised learning experiences to your talent

In order for your organisation to achieve its strategic ambitions, you need employees with the right talent – growth-driven, agile-minded people who continuously develop their skills and competencies. People development is about much more than just training; it’s about empowering your employees to live up to their full potential. By providing them with personalised and attractive training trajectories, you can boost their engagement and performance on the job.

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Training solutions from SD Worx simplify the entire learning and development process. Automatically collate and centralise the individual and collective training organisation to build effective training plans. Design and deliver highly personalised training programs while encouraging interaction and knowledge sharing among employees. Build a continuous and engaging learning experience that leads to stronger relationships and quantifiable added value for your organisation.

Elements of a learning and development solution

  • Training management system (TMS): simplify training administration, manage course catalogues, track expenses and book rooms.
  • Learning management system (LMS): deploy and track online training content and provide a trusted platform for community-wide conversations and knowledge sharing to develop your employees’ competencies – anywhere, anytime.
  • Learning content management system (LCMS): simply and easily develop diverse types of learning content, from rapid learning modules to serious games. Co-create content with any peer in your learning ecosystem and allow every employee to become a teacher.

Our solutions

Talent management solutions from SD Worx

Create a culture of learning with personalised and ongoing learning experiences. A single application hands you the tools you need to optimise your training course planning, always comply with the standards, and easily resolve logistics issues. It smoothly integrates competency management with career path planning and learning programs.

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SAP SuccessFactors Learning

This SAP SuccessFactors module offers innovative capabilities that foster a culture of continuous learning, unlock flexible and open approaches to content creation and delivery – with proven results within organisations worldwide.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Retain your talent by offering clear, compelling, personalized training plans.
  • Ensure that training plans are aligned with the organisation’s vision and strategic roadmap.
  • Develop a strong internal talent pool to avoid competing for outside skillsets.
  • Foster a culture of learning and engage your employees in sharing knowledge and best practices.
  • Align development goals with learning activities that bridge performance gaps.
  • Improve regulatory compliance and reduce legal risk.

What we offer

  • Courses and catalogues based on local needs
  • Smooth linkages with 3rd party content providers
  • Content recommendations to suggest specific training courses tailored to your teams’ needs.
  • Blended classroom training and digital learning to enhance learner engagement.
  • Mobile learning solutions.
  • Automated training management and simplified administrative logistics.
  • Integration with Core HR, payroll and key talent management solutions to enable a goal and competency-based approach to learning.
  • Streamlined management of complex certifications, compliance reporting, dashboarding and powerful assignment profiles used to automatically assign training.

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