Performance and competencies

Engaging employees and managers in the performance management process

Many organisations are reinventing their performance management processes to focus more on employee guidance and development, driving ongoing performance improvement, higher engagement and, ultimately, bigger business impact. SD Worx is perfectly equipped to help you make the transition.

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A powerful performance and competency management solution enables managers to align employee tasks with strategic goals and employee ambitions. It enhances performance management by providing employees with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching. Even more, it enables you to understand the aspirations and competencies of employees, helping them invest in their roles and careers and make positive impacts on team and company results. From local best of breed to ERP-based, SD Worx provides talent management suites tailored to your company’s processes and needs.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Drive ongoing employee development and engagement through the continuous, collaborative assessment of goals and competencies.
  • Ensure that performance reviews contribute real value to employee development.
  • Align business objectives with employee goals.
  • Easily and objectively recognise and reward top performers.
  • Analyze skill gaps to anticipate future workforce moves

What we offer

  • Future-focussed software solutions that enable goal management, coaching and performance reviews.
  • Flexibly adapt performance review processes to your specific performance cultures, including annual review/no review, ratings/no ratings, 360° appraisal, peer feedback, etc.
  • Accessible via mobile devices and via Microsoft Teams to fully engage employees and candidates
  • Full integration with talent management solutions within SD Worx HCM suites.
  • Rapid time to value through quick deployment, fast adoption and alignment with business goals.
  • Optimised data security and full compliance with GDPR.

Talent management solutions from SD Worx

A cloud-based management suite powered by Talentsoft that encourages interactions, communication and people-centred experiences. The suite’s Performance & Competencies functionalities reshape employees’ work experiences concerning projects and continuous performance conversations, supporting them in achieving their ambitions.

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SAP SuccessFactors

The SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals module enables your organisation to ensure strategic and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance with ongoing coaching and feedback, and accurately evaluate and recognise top talent.

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