Comprehensive workforce management

Giving the right tasks to the right employee at the right moment

When it comes to the optimal management of workloads and costs, the digital age presents both challenges and opportunities. SD Worx empowers companies to coordinate staffing resources, maximise productivity and manage costs in real time.

Time has become increasingly important in our society. People and organisations require the means to organise time in the most efficient, effective and flexible ways. In a service-driven economy, this means that organisations will be looking for different ways to optimise the available time of their human capital.

To achieve this, an organisation needs flexible, powerful tools and deep expertise to facilitate three key activities: time and attendance, labour planning and task and activity management.

Benefits for your organisation

  • The HR department wins time to spend on strategic tasks that add value.
  • Payroll professionals can immediately work with correct data.
  • Gain data insights into the cost efficiency of your payroll processes.
  • Foresee, avoid and prevent capacity challenges and workload imbalances.
  • Employees obtain better insights into the work they have performed, planning and absences.

What we offer

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software for time registration, access control and planning.
  • Tailor-made managed services enabling you to focus completely on core activities and ensure business continuity (available in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and UK).
  • Data insights through reporting and analytics.

Accurate time and attendance tracking

Logging your employees’ attendance and working time allows your organisation to put a monetary value on time. While time and attendance tracking is a basic process, huge gains can be made through subsequent processing and reporting to gain an accurate, real-time oversight of workforce capacity and staff availability.

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Detailed, accurate workforce planning

In quickly assigning the right tasks to the right people, businesses gain efficiency, guarantee high service levels and are prepared to adapt to workload fluctuations. Accurate workforce planning takes each employee’s qualifications, availability, seniority and other requirements into account.

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Intuitive task and activity management

By registering exactly how much time is spent on each task for each customer, an organisation maintains an overview of workforce capacity. While logging is the starting point, the added value is in the reporting and processing of data. Our solutions pave the way for automatic allocation of personnel costs to the right customers.

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