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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Pharma giant Roche Diagnostics gains six days for strategic tasks each month

Payroll administration is a time-consuming business. This was also the experience of Roche Diagnostics, the largest biotech company worldwide.
Roche building

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Roche Diagnostics Belgium currently employs about 180 people at the Vilvoorde site. The Roche Group employs some 90,000 people worldwide. While payroll administration has been flawless for 20 years, more time was needed for strategic tasks. "We at Roche are healthcare pioneers because we provide products tailored to the needs of specific patient groups. We'd also like to promote this personalised approach internally. HR had to evolve into a 'people practice' to achieve this: by making clever use of the data we have, and responding more flexibly to the needs of the business."

To achieve this effectively, the company outsourced the entire payroll process and responsibility for it to SD Worx. By fully outsourcing payroll calculation and administration, the Roche Diagnostics team now has the necessary breathing space to shift up a gear: "This free time means we can now work on HR data-based insights. We use these insights to enhance the discussions with the team leaders. HR is now coming more to the fore, which means that everyone is more aware of the importance of a well-thought-out staff policy."

From a full week to one day for payroll

SD Worx took over payroll management in full within four months. The result is that the payroll calculation and the associated administration now takes barely one day a month, compared to seven in the past.

Evelyn Willems, People & Culture Director at Roche Diagnostics, rolled out the entire project with SD Worx and is delighted. "It felt good from the start: the personal assistance, thorough analysis and structured course of events immediately reassured me. The SD Worx team explained all changes and optimisation measures during internal communication sessions."

The efficiency of digitalisation

All employees now have access to their payslips and other documents via the Myworkandme digital platform. "There is less paper and fewer comings and goings: medical certificates can be uploaded there, for example."

This digital archive also results in serious time gains for the HR staff. "First and foremost, there is less manual administrative work. In addition, we have everything at our fingertips to prepare the reports that help the team managers with their analyses and discussions. On the basis of the holiday running ratio, for example, the team has a good overview of leave taken and can monitor the work-life balance."

Guaranteed continuity

"Our employees are very satisfied. By entrusting the payroll to SD Worx, they are no longer dependent on one person. We are completely confident that this is done flawlessly. Continuity is also guaranteed: all the elements are well documented."


"Our payroll is in good hands at SD Worx. We can count on the expertise of multiple experts", Evelyn Willems adds. "They always work with us to find ways to approach this topic. For example, they developed a customised template that enables us to simulate pay increases perfectly. An overview of all wage components facilitates negotiations with staff and applicants."

"Moreover, we are fully abreast of the latest regulations and innovative solutions. Whether it concerns a 'cash for car' policy or a flexible compensation plan supported by SD Worx experts, we can look to the future with confidence. From now on, our HR department will steer new projects in the right direction from the start."

We needed more time for smart insights from HR to steer our company's growth in the right direction. Thanks to BPO, we have that time now.
Evelyn Willems, People & Culture Director, Roche Diagnostics