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Mysdworx-app: Self-service HR App for Employees

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With our mysdworx-app, you take a giant leap towards the ultimate employee experience. Our intelligent self-service platform – with a mobile app! – features various HR modules: expenses, absences and time, internal communication and digital payslips. Accessible whenever, wherever. Other modules will follow soon.

Happy woman smiling at her phone

Empower your employees

Easy access

All your employees need is a smartphone to access the platform. Exciting news: integration with Alexa, Google Home and WhatsApp is coming up.

Versatile app

Let your employees handle their own expenses and absences, send them their e-payslips, share company updates and much more – all in one app.

Innovative experience

The chatbot function, proactive reminders, intuitive modules, integration with smartphone functionalities (calendar, e-mail, camera), etc. deliver a superb digital experience.

Meet your HR team’s wishes

Less administration

Giving your employees the tools to handle their own HR, eases the burden on your HR team and frees up time for more strategic projects.

Transparent approval and communication flows

The constant interactions between employees, managers and your HR team have never been easier.

Employer branding

Surveys show that employees crave mobile HR solutions, boosting your appeal among your workforce as well as in the eyes of new talent.

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Module 1: Digital Payslips

Your employees receive alerts whenever there is activity, such as monthly e-payslips or pay-outs of bonuses, while they can easily access their documents on their smartphone.

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Module 2: Absences and Time

This module gives employees the possibility to register requests, check their leave balance, send notifications to colleagues, reschedule meetings and set out-of-office messages.

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Module 3: Expenses

Enter the digital age: let your employees take a picture of their business lunch, flight or car ride and send it to your HR team for approval via the mobile app. No more extra paperwork.

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Module 4: Internal Communication

Your go-to option if you want to push important information to and ask feedback from employees – including those working remotely or without access to computers.

Only in Belgium.

Kim Boschmans
Our employees can request leave quickly and easily, enable or disable their out-of-office message, and view wage details. There’s also a handy chatbot to answer HR questions and it cuts down on the amount of administrative work for our HR department
Kim Boschmans, Employee engagement business partner, SKF Belgium
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