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Environment, social and governance at SD Worx

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At SD Worx, we actively seek to incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our organisation’s activities, mainly contributing to SDG 8, ‘Decent work and economic growth’ through our HR solutions. Learn all about our initiatives in our ESG report ‘Letting people spark’.

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Letting people spark

Every decade brings its own challenges and opportunities, but this decade got off to a particularly peculiar start. Needless to say, the challenges have been plenty, ranging from a global pandemic to exploding data. In light of that volatile business environment, it’s easy to forget that opportunities are abundant as well. The only way to seize them is by creating a sustainable workforce.

A sustainable workforce, however, is a bit of catch-all concept. It includes strong engagement, personal well-being, strength-based careers, forward-looking recruitment, dedicated talent management and diverse teams. And if you open up the concept, it also means taking care of the environment and communities your people live in, as well as managing your business wisely, so your people will still have meaningful jobs tomorrow.

Does all of that sound ambitious? It is, but we consider it the only way forward. After all, to quote a widely-known proverb: ‘You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.’ The success that stems from this approach will reflect on the whole SD Worx community: our employees, our customers, our partners … and probably you as well.

Fabienne Lallemand – Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, in charge of CSR at SD Worx.

    Learn more in our ESG report

    Diversity and inclusion

    Our ambition is to act as one company and capitalise on our international presence. It is essential that we show respect towards each other, give trust and care. Diversity is the cornerstone of all our corporate value statements. It is the crucial basis for a more creative, agile, and balanced environment where it is fun to work.

      Our challenges and objectives


      As an HR provider, SD Worx wants to set a good example for others. That is why we strive to raise the bar in the field of inclusive HR policy. Our ambition is to provide an optimal, healthy, safe and stimulating working environment and the right support for our employees, and to contribute together to a range of social projects. Our employees also have a decisive voice in determining the organisations and actions that we support.


      Our ecological footprint is rather limited. The operation of our buildings, which use energy and water and generate waste, and our fleet constitute the greatest environmental impact. As a result, our sustainability and ecological efforts revolve around our facilities and our fleet. We consistently work to reduce our resource consumption and emissions through targeted actions based on regular measurements, but in 2021 most of our offices were closed or much less staffed due to the rise in remote working.


      SD Worx grows and generates profit in a sustainable and ethically responsible manner. A portion of our profits is reinvested in both the community and providing the best possible support for our people.

        Learn all about our challenges and objectives

        The ESG initiatives of SD Worx in 2021

        SD Worx Fund and King Baudouin Foundation

        Through the SD Worx Fund, established in 1999, SD Worx provides financial and professional support for concrete projects of partner organisations that enable vulnerable people to participate fully in economic life. Since 2020, SD Worx Fund has joined forces with the King Baudouin Foundation.

        In 2021, we worked together with: Rising You, YouthStart Belgium, City Pirates Foundation, Mission Locale and DUO for a JOB.

        Initiatives from SD Worx colleagues in 2021 - a selection

        • SD Worx Mauritius donated to the Shelter for Women and Children in Distress Trust Fund and Solidarite St Francois D'Assise. And our colleagues also made an agreement with T1 Diam's for the sponsorship of a new utility vehicle.
        • SD Worx Poland supported SZLACHETNA PACZKA, a charity that helps families in need by donating clothes, food, cleaning products, etc.
        • Our Nordic colleagues from Aditro donated 8,050 Swedish crowns to Musikhjälpen, an organisation that fights against child labour all over the world. On top of that, Aditro made a Christmas donation to WWF of 50,000 Swedish crowns.

        Want to learn more about our ESG initiatives in 2021?

          Download ESG report

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