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Our ESG strategy

Focus on 3 main impact areas

Our ESG strategy is centered around three key areas: shaping the future of work, career and worker experience, and sustainable governance. These areas aim to enhance both our business and sustainability efforts, while addressing the needs of our stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to promote purposeful work and positively impact individuals and society through our role as a social, economic, and health promoter.

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Shaping the future of work

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Digital and flexible work

Through our people solutions, we embrace digital transformation to improve employee experience and personalise services. By making our offerings easily controllable, integrable, and scalable, companies can enable their employees to work from any location and at their own pace.

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    Simplicity of legislation

    With our extensive experience in payroll services and HR expertise, we are well-equipped to understand and simplify social and labor laws for all stakeholders and translate the rapidly changing HR legal landscape into concrete solutions.

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      Exchanging social good

      We continuously share our HR expertise, evidence-based practices, and knowledge to the general public through various channels such as social media, webinars, podcasts, business events, and free e-books.

        Shaping sustainable career and workers’ experience

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        Professional growth

        We aim to help employees and clients grow their skills and talents through various training programs and professional instructors. These programs are available to both HR professionals and those looking to increase their knowledge.

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          We establish extensive employee well-being and DEIB programs to enhance work-lovability. We also focus on Health & Safety and conduct employee engagement surveys for continuous improvement.

            How we boost human energy

            Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

            We make sure that our team represents our global business and customer base, and that our workplace and practices reflect our commitment to fair and inclusive work. We want all of our people to feel a sense of belonging

              Bringing diversity to life

              Shaping sustainable governance

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              Data Security, Ethics & Privacy

              SD Worx is committed to data privacy and security, following industry standards and regulations, including GDPR. We’re certified by ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000, and have a large risk & security department to ensure compliance and protection of customer information. We also prioritize ethical behavior and do not engage in corruption or bribery. Our track record is clean in this regard.

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                HR reporting, Due Diligence & Valuation

                We prioritize transparency and accountability, including in our sustainability efforts. We value our people and support measures to enhance human capital. The growing focus on sustainability in Europe presents opportunities for us to provide sustainable governance services.

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                  Governance structure

                  At SD Worx, we place a high importance on sustainable corporate governance and go beyond compliance. We value diversity on our board and ensure independent oversight of the company, including in regards to sustainability and the roles of the CEO and chairman.

                    Did you know?

                    These topics are not only relevant within SD Worx. Our ESG-inspired offerings combine expert services and IT solutions to help your business thrive and make a positive impact.

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