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Team SD Worx Protime

SD Worx is proud to be the main sponsor of the best women’s cycling team in the world, that is as committed to results as we are.

Team SD Worx Protime
Team SD Worx Protime 2024_2

No coincidence

It is no coincidence that as a leading provider of people solutions, SD Worx chose to sponsor the number one women's cycling team in the world. Just as in HR & payroll, cycling brings together talent, technology and teams to address the toughest challenges – in life and at work.

The line between work and life is becoming increasingly blurred. That’s why at SD Worx we build people solutions For Life. For Work. For employers and employees. For you. The choice for a women's team is a deliberate one: at SD Worx and with many of our customers, the topic of diversity is high on the management agenda. By supporting women’s cycling we want to put our money where our mouth is and enable female talent to reach its maximum potential.

    Team SD Worx Protime 2024_3

    Individual talents and team spirit

    But there is more. Just like in a cycling team, SD Worx achieves success by working with individual talents and excelling through team spirit. Cycling is healthy and accessible for all. It brings people together – in life and at work – and it sets things in motion. As does SD Worx.

    Together with our customers and colleagues, we want to write the next chapter in this success story. Because just like the cycling team, SD Worx has a winner's mentality. Together, we are winners.

    SD Worx sparks success so its customers and their people can thrive. For Life. For Work.

      Team SD Worx Protime