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All your HR functionalities in one place

When it comes to managing human resources, many expect the same digital ease of use that they have in their private lives. mysdworx is the perfect tool for this. With one central access via web and mobile app, mysdworx supports you by taking the hassle out of your everyday HR processes with a single point of access.
HR professionals, team leads, and employees can consult and manage payslips, expenses and more in their own time, wherever they are.

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All your HR tasks in one place

We are continuously adding new functionalities, so stay tuned!

mysdworx web offers all your HR functionalities in one place and thanks to the mobile app your employees and team leads can also access their most important features on-the-go.

    Mysdworx, one central access via web and mobile app

    Employees & Team leads

    For app and web


    • View your digital payslip
    • Apply for your leave
    • Submit your expenses
    • Get access to partner products

    Team leads have access to the same functionalities as employees. They can also approve leave requests and expenses immediately.

      HR Professionals & Employers

      Icoontje tandwiel
      Launch your payroll and HR applications

      Assessment and Development centers
      Stay up-to-date with relevant service messages

      Get in touch with your SD Worx contact person

      Available anytime, anywhere in the mysdworx app

      Whether your employees are on their computer at work, their tablet at home or their smartphone on the train, they can access all their most relevant HR functionalities via the new mysdworx app

        Submit and approve expenses in a few clicks


        Stay on top of your money and benefits

        Thanks to mysdworx app, your employees can now easily access their payslips anytime, anywhere. Whenever new payslips are available, employees will receive an automatic notification

          Organise your planning in 1-2-3

          Absences and leave

          Tackle your planning in 1-2-3

          Feeling sick or in need of vacation? Your employees just tell the mysdworx app what they need, and it will automatically request their leave. You can easily approve and keep an overview.

            Keep track of your paycheck at all times


            Taking care of expenses in a *snap*

            Tired of keeping your admin? Employees can easily scan their receipts and submit their expenses via the mysdworx app. The approval process is also conducted in the app, making paperwork history, and keeping track of your budget.


              Safe and reliable

              Pin code, Face ID and Biometrics

              The HR applications you use via mysdworx are personal and often contain confidential information or documents. Security and privacy are our top priorities. That is why you need to login to mysdworx using a pincode, facial ID or your fingerprint.

                Kim Boschmans
                Our employees can request leave quickly and easily, and view wage details. There’s also a handy chatbot to answer HR questions and it cuts down on the amount of administrative work for our HR department
                Kim Boschmans
                Kim Boschmans, Employee Engagement Business Partner, SKF Belgium
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                Manage your work and life easily

                Download the mysdworx app now and discover the features you can use today!

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