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Dolmans Landscaping Group can rely on SD Worx at any time

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Dolmans Landscaping Group is an all-round, multidisciplinary landscaping company. With more than 900 employees spread across 15 branches in the Netherlands and Flanders, they are active in design, construction and maintenance. The umbrella Dolmans group consists of a number of regional branches and business units that are largely responsible for their own results. The common denominator is the landscape and their loving interaction with the environment.

Claire Janssen, Business Change Manager at Dolmans Landscaping Group, is committed to achieving all Dolmans’ growth ambitions with a focus on local connections. Together with the HR team, she ensures that Dolmans is an even better place to work every day.

"We are one Dolmans family, but we encourage local entrepreneurship. 'Think globally, act locally' is how you can describe it," says Janssen. "This makes every branch and business unit feel like a compact company where everyone knows each other and their customers well. This means that we need smooth HR processes at group level that allow our branches to focus fully on services for our customers."

    Flexibility is the key word. This allows us to react to the peaks and troughs of the season. SD Worx provides us with the necessary support during both periods.
    Claire Janssen, Business Change Manager, Dolmans Landscaping Group

    Through peaks and troughs

    Working in the landscaping field has many peaks and troughs due to its seasonal nature. Dolmans Landscaping Group is particularly busy in the months of March to October. At these times, they almost literally run out of hands – even with their own large workforce. We then have many projects from regular customers and new requests coming in at the same time.

    The peak periods put extra pressure on us to find suitable workers and meet the demand from all customers. The day-to-day operations, such as payroll processing and performance reviews, must continue as usual. This results in a peak for several departments – and that requires the necessary action.

    "Flexibility is the key word. This allows us to react to the peaks and troughs of the season. SD Worx provides us with the necessary support during both periods", Janssen explains. "But digitising our HR processes is also very important. That’s why we started looking for a suitable partner at that time who could take us to the next level."

      Online and offline support

      That is why Dolmans Landscaping Group has been working with SD Worx for a number of years now. Using a detailed selection procedure, SD Worx Staffing Solutions provides landscaping staff who are a good fit for the profiles that Dolmans is seeking. These are people who can be operationally deployed in areas such as tree care, pruning and other maintenance tasks. They are the 'flexible shell' that provides the answer during peak periods. The collaboration is nationwide; the external workers are therefore used everywhere – from Maastricht to Groningen. 

      SD Worx also takes care of the further digitisation of the existing payroll administration, as well as the administration itself. By connecting to the Dolmans personnel system, all data is automatically processed and entered. This not only saves a lot of time for Dolmans’ HR department; it also reduces possible error margins and enhances the ease of use. That's why it works so well for everyone.

      Janssen is very pleased with the collaboration between Dolmans Landscaping Group and SD Worx. "The great thing is that SD Worx doesn't just provide people to meet the demand. They also check whether there is a match with Dolmans – in terms of development, training and mentality. This way, the right people will actually end up in the right place. In doing so, they take care of the payroll administration of our permanent staff and the flexible shell."


        Thanks to the partnership with SD Worx, Dolmans Landscaping Group’s teams have more focus, time and space left for their employees and customers. This is added value that allows the organisation to make a difference every day.

        • Appropriate matches for flexible workers
          In addition to its own workforce, Dolmans Landscaping Group has an extra need for flexible workers during peak times. SD Worx Staffing Solutions makes the necessary connections that are exactly in line with Dolmans’ DNA. Janssen: "They know better than anyone who will be a good a fit for us. Based on this understanding, we are introduced to ideal candidates." 
        • No payroll worries
          Dolmans Landscaping Group’s HR department now has more time and space at its disposal. Fewer salary checks are required and the way of working is not prone to errors. There are also fewer administrative tasks involved. "We want to be the best employer. This includes smooth payroll processing that is on time and accurate."
        • Reliable partner as an extension of us
          Apart from the contribution to the flexible shell, SD Worx is a reliable partner for the organisation as a whole. "They are real go-getters who know how to achieve a lot in the short term. In that sense, they put their money where their mouth is. Communication is always honest and transparent, which means we know where we stand at all times."

          You can contact SD Worx with all your questions about HR.

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