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Back to Work: 3 Ways to Maximise Productivity in your Payroll Department

The summer months can sometimes be quiet for the payroll department, as employees enjoy well deserved breaks. However, with the final quarters of the year approaching, it’s time to get back to work—payroll never takes a break, after all.

 Here are three ways to ensure that the department is as productive as ever as it prepares for the busy second half of the year.

    1. Have an Efficient Routine:

    With an efficient workflow in place, it’s possible for the payroll professional to take a break without having a build-up of tasks to do on their return – especially as we approach the busiest half of the year. With the right tools to help streamline workflows, payroll professionals have a clearer and more harmonized view of global operations than ever before. With 24/7 access to payroll expertise and support, regardless of time zones, and an easy view of global data, to-do lists and automatic reminders, returning from holiday can be something to look forward to.

    For example, access to a list of common questions and queries that the payroll department may have can ease you into the return to work, removing some of that pressure of catching up with the weeks you’ve missed.

      2. Utilising New Technologies:

      Although new technologies may be daunting at first, returning fresh and relaxed after a break may be the perfect time to implement them into the organisation. Technology can free up the human workforce, allowing the department to be more productive than ever and making settling into the working routine a little smoother and less stressful.

      Back Office admin is seen by many as a time-consuming but necessary part of their role, and it can quickly build up when you take time off meaning returning from a holiday can be quite stressful. However, in utilising the latest HR technologies, this can be avoided. New technologies can successfully automate these time-consuming tasks meaning that you can focus on important payroll tasks without having to battle through a mountain of admin after a holiday.

      In fact, this quarter can be very busy as it’s time to work out budgets and ensure that you’re meeting your targets as the end of the year approaches. If you find yourself longing for another holiday during this busy quarter, HR technology can make this much easier too. AI-powered assistants such as SD Worx’s Digital Assistant can manage the admin associated with taking time off, setting up Out Of Office notifications, rearrange meetings, and book last-minute leave.

        3. Support from Payroll Experts:

        Knowing that the support from a Global Payroll Provider will always be there, no matter what time of the year, will make returning from the summer break a little easier. Having experts on hand can assure that payroll always runs smoothly. With access to reliable knowledge both locally and globally, departments can rest assured that they always remain compliant, no matter where they’re operating. Additionally, if the business has plans to expand or contract, the flexible expertise of payroll providers can mirror the business’ needs.

        Global Payroll Providers are ‘always-on’ with experts that never take a break and so, when you return from a holiday, you’ll have immediate access to expert knowledge and vital data presented on an easily digestible dashboard. It’s therefore easy to catch up with anything you may have missed during time off and continue as if you’d never been away at all!


        When adopting these three tips in this busy quarter, returning to work in the payroll department becomes less of a moment of dread and more something to look forward. In fact, today it is possible to return from a holiday to reinvent your department and elevate it to new levels of influence within the business.

        To learn more about SD Worx and its Power of Payroll campaign, download its white paper on unlocking the power of payroll here.