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The challenges for global Payroll & HR

We were delighted to exhibit at HR Tech World 2016 in Paris last week , and were pleased to secure an enviable exhibition spot that ensured a great flow of both interesting and interested visitors

During the two-days we engaged with more than 100 attendees and quickly noticed a common trend that drove our conversation – most HRDs, payroll experts and CEOs we spoke with still want, and need better and more flexible global payroll and HR solution. This provided a great platform from which to give them our perspective on the state and direction of international payroll.

People are concerned about harmonising, centralising and reporting on their payroll and HR globally and the potential complications and substantial cost that can arise if these are not handled properly.

With strong evidence from Nelson Hall and Gartner to support the fact that BPO demand will only increase, there is room for improvement when it comes to global Payroll an HR, and we were pleased to be able to talk to people at the show about international businesses’ challenges.

The challenge to multi-national is of course, not having a single source of truth for global payroll/HR and the ramifications of this in business terms can include:

  • Overly difficult to keep compliant with legislation in each countries
  • Lack of legislative awareness and compliance by country – and potentially huge corporate fines.
  • Lack of cost efficiency and consistency due to having multiple providers across different geographic regions
  • Increased stress for the people involved who would much rather be focusing on HR strategy rather than arduous processing.

Wouldn’t it be better if the journey a company took to maintain a comprehensive payroll/HR system reflected the goals of efficiency and agility associated with peace of mind? Needless to say, everyone we spoke to enthusiastically agreed!

Introducing our 3-layer approach (during the two days) with great flexibility to meet your needs, the GovernanceServices and Tools can be mixed & matched depending on your organizational structure. Big world, local focus - People were extremely keen and wanted to learn more about it!

If you too want to find out about our 3-layer approach to tackle the challenges of international Payroll and HR, contact us today at WeAreGlobal@sdworx.com.

We’re looking forward to the next event in London already, to continue the conversation about the impact of globalizing business on payroll and HR.

Thank you to all attendees and our great partner ‘Protime’ for a successful 2016 HR Tech event!