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How working with an automated workforce will enhance the human employee

Much of today’s media coverage on the introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the workplace express concern over the future of the human employee. Many fear their roles will be replaced by an intelligent robot that is more efficient and cheaper to employ. However, this is far from the case. SD Worx advocates the future of HR tech, but we also understand that you can never take the ‘Human’ out of Human Resources! In fact, introducing these technologies to the HR and payroll department can only reaffirm the place of the human employee in the business world. 

For example, humans can work alongside the automated workforce, rather than being replaced, as each one enhances the other. Inside the office, automating back office tasks will free up the human employees to focus on more value adding tasks. Automation of these functions will reduce human error and therefore increase the accuracy of any forecasts made from the data. With this improved accuracy, businesses can unlock the power of payroll within their organization, empowering the insights the data can provide and so moving it into the boardroom to aid with executive and business-wide decision making. 

Additionally, if a human employee has fewer monotonous admin tasks, they are able to focus on more important and rewarding tasks, such as running the monthly payroll and meeting employees face-to-face, which will improve their job satisfaction as their role is enhanced by their new automated colleagues. Each enhances the other within the workplace, as humans can focus on what they do best while the automated workforce accurately take over on the time consuming and repetitive tasks. 

However, it’s not just in the office that the automated workforce can enhance the life of human employees. Technologies such as AI and machine learning can assist with day-to-day office tasks, too. Allowing technology to bear the load means the human employee has more time to meaningfully contribute to the HR and payroll department. For example, SD Worx’s Digital Assistant can help with admin tasks such as booking meetings, arranging holiday and planning travel routes. This consequently makes it easier to focus on the important parts of day-to-day working life, reducing stress and improving the work/life balance of the employee. By doing this, organizations can empower the department, make their job more fulfilling and enhance their contribution to the business.