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3 reasons why international companies should consider payroll outsourcing

Why is outsourcing becoming ever more popular in these times of continuous change? Or to put it another way, what exactly are the benefits of outsourcing payroll as your company expands internationally? Those who already reap the benefits of payroll outsourcing claim that these are the three most compelling:

    # 1 Reduce the administrative burden on personnel

    Multi-country payroll is a time-intensive and error-prone process, with serious consequences for inaccuracy or non-compliance. Not to mention chances are that your HR staff would prefer to be working on more strategic tasks than payroll administration. So outsourcing your payroll might even make your office a happier place.

    Our department came under more and more pressure because of a joint venture. Thankfully, outsourcing has instantly made the workload a lot lighter. Our payroll advisor does all the net pay calculations for our Belgian employees, helps with the year-end bonuses and holiday pay, and is our first point of contact for legal advice.

    Titia van Rooijen, Regional Manager at the HR Shared Services Centre of CWS-boco Group.7

      # 2 Ensure continuity of HR activities

      You might feel you have it all under control, but it’s impossible for one HR team to know it all when it comes to international payroll. Internal and external mobility can put a heavy burden on your team, as knowledge is not passed on or processes are adapted. Finding adequate replacements at short notice is often difficult, due to the increased complexity of payroll. But as you know: payroll never stops.

      Outsourcing certain tasks eliminates that problem. HR outsourcing partners usually allocate permanent employees to support your company, but in case of absence there is always a backup person available to take over. The best part? The peace of mind that follows.

      If someone in my team gets sick or leaves the company, that doesn’t affect our payroll handling. Everything is well documented and in the safe hands of SD Worx.

      Bert Van der Wee, Global Cost Management Director at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

        # 3 Give staff more time to focus on adding value

        It’s no secret that a lot of work goes into payroll calculation and payment. As a result, projects with a higher strategic value are put on hold when it’s that time of the month (or year). Outsourcing payroll is an ideal way to free up time for your staff, so they can turn their attention to improving employee engagement and experience, for example.

        Looking for your perfect global payroll partner? Our payroll experts have helped some of the world’s biggest brands achieve their strategic objectives through outsourcing, and they’re here to help you, too.

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