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SD Worx and Workday integration: a smooth experience for multi-country payroll

    You now can get the most out of your payroll and HR data in six European countries.

    As a Workday Global Payroll Partner, SD Worx enables multinational organisations to (more) effectively manage their global workforce and efficiently process payroll. In November 2019, we reached a new milestone: the integration between SD Worx payroll and Workday is now also up and running in Switzerland.

    Both Workday and SD Worx’s solutions contain essential data needed by HR departments to guarantee a seamless payroll experience in different countries. SD Worx ensures that sharing and synchronising payroll and HR data between Workday and its payroll solutions is easy and simple.

      Extended coverage

      Johan Meyer, product manager at SD Worx: “Together with Workday, our goal is to simplify payroll integration whilst improving the user experience. In the last couple of years, we have been working very hard to make it possible to smoothly exchange HR and payroll data between Workday and our tools. We’re very proud to say that as of today, companies can benefit from this integration in no fewer than six countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.”


          Towards a complete HR dashboard

          Depending on organisational needs, companies can select from the following connections:
          • Employee demographics: easy export of all personal data needed for accurate and timely payroll processing.
          • Earnings and deductions: an overview of a specific workers’ salary packages in just a few clicks.
          • External payroll results (EXPR): upload the payroll results to view and report on the data immediately in Workday.