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The Perfect Match

Aligning Business, HR, and Employees for Success

Today’s business environment is continuously evolving. For organisations, HR professionals and employees the message is clear: innovation is key to keeping up the pace. Ensuring all stakeholders remain engaged and happy is critical, and that’s where SD Worx comes in. We help you to align priorities and create a solution that’s a perfect match for everyone’s needs.

the perfect match

SD Worx, your perfect matchmaker

Build a strong digital workplace, tailored to your stakeholders’ needs.

Start your digital journey

Discover 5 strategies to take your talent strategy to the next level.

Transform your talent strategy

Flexible work is evolving. Learn how to prioritise meeting people and business needs.

Find your flex work fit

About the study

The Perfect Match is based on a brand-new survey of 16,000+ employees and 4,833 HRDs in 16 European countries. Through our research, we identified 3 critical areas where HR teams often face a mismatch of priorities and expectations between different stakeholder groups: HR digitalisation, talent management and flexible working. Now, we’re diving deep to find out how each mismatch can become a perfect match, with the right tools and techniques.