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Employer Branding: Stand out from the Crowd

The essence of employer branding is defining an employer value proposition – why are you the top pick? – and putting your words into practice through concrete actions. We offer consultancy on both accounts. The goal: to effectively connect with job-seekers, to energize candidates and to engage the best talent from the very beginning.

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Creating an authentic employer brand = a no-brainer

Attract talent more easily

More and more people want to work for a company with a good reputation, a clear mission and a welcoming culture.

Maximise the chances of a good match

By positioning your employer brand and being clear about goals, values and culture, you’ll attract and retain people who actually fit the profile.

Reduce recruitment costs

As soon as the word is out, you’ll receive open job applications throughout the year, eliminating the need for expensive campaigns and lengthy searches.

Engage new and existing employees

New talent will want to work for you and those who already do will become ambassadors of your company, generating even more buzz.

Show what you’re all about

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Developing your employer brand

We closely work together to determine an authentic, distinctive angle to position your company in the labour market. That includes talking through your terms of employment and development programmes, as well as your working conditions, culture, atmosphere and leadership style.

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    Sharing your employer brand

    Once we pinpoint an employer brand, we need to make it visible. To do so, we can help to set up a wide variety of actions: a responsive career site with customised landing pages, ready-mail emails, events, alerts, personalised campaigns and much more.