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Task & Activity Management Software

Clearly see where employee time is spent – to gain detailed insights into budgets, forecasts, costs and workforce capacity. Our easy-to-use software paves the way for cost centre tracking and automatic allocation of personnel costs to the right customers, orders or projects.

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Complete overview

Looking to prevent capacity challenges and workload imbalances? Easily assign employees to projects, cost centres, tasks or shifts – and keep everybody in the loop across locations.

    Mysdworx, one central access via web and mobile app

    Self-service tools

    Optimise efficiency by doing away with non-value-adding administrative tasks. Give employees the power to register costs themselves via the software, a terminal or by simply scanning a cost.

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      Detailed workforce insights

      Our solutions make it easy to automatically generate advanced reports, including cost-price allocations. Easily gain an overview of hours worked by task, cost centre, customer order – and every related cost.