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Workforce Planning

Assign the right tasks to the right people at the right moment – and boost efficiency, guarantee high service levels and seamlessly adapt to workload fluctuations. Eliminate manual processes and gain greater insights into workforce needs, now and in the future – with intuitive planning software from SD Worx.

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The right tasks, the right people, the right moment

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Accurate, automated planning

Cut administrative burdens and avoid errors by doing away with manual processes and offering employee and manager self-service. Unlock smooth, correct payrolls, accurate labour planning and detailed reporting and forecasting.

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    Self-service tools

    Give your team managers the power to manage working hours, duty rotas and employee absences themselves. Access real-time workforce data and planning anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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      Actionable insights

      Gain a clear overview of capacity utilisation and costs, for accurate employee requirement planning and rapid, agile adjustments on the fly in response to changing circumstances.

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        Cost allocation

        Assign personnel to cost centres or projects to gain a detailed overview of costs with job-based planning. Seamlessly integrates with invoicing and reconciliation reporting.

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          Integrate multiple contract types

          Are you working with flexible and/or temporary employees? Benefit from specific tooling enabling seamless self-rostering, automated dimona employment registration, flexible scheduling and more (available in Belgium, France, the Netherlands).

            Steven Zeeuw van der Laan
            The most important thing for us is ensuring that we comply with Belgian rules. The Dimona registration formalities for new employees must be completed on time. The clocking-in system must be 100% reliable. If anything is missing, you'll quickly be breaking the law!
            Steven Zeeuw van der Laan
            Steven Zeeuw van der Laan, Director of Hotel, Van der Valk Luxembourg Arlon
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