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Workforce management

The way we work is changing and organisations must stay ahead of the curve. We recognize the need for strategic thinking and adaptability. Our workforce management solution Protime empowers you to navigate these changes seamlessly. Stop guessing when planning operations, start assigning the right person to the right task - every day.


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How to gain key insights into your organisation

FlexCollecting data

Collect valuable, up-to-date information on your business operations. Our solution facilitates data-driven analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Time management _ Colour _120x120Efficiency Redefined

Say hello to an intuitive, modern self-service experience for managers and employees. Streamline processes, reduce manual work, and boost productivity.

LOGA Application ManagementFortified security

Our cloud-based, scalable solution ensures compliance with regulations and laws. Your data stays safe, and your peace of mind remains intact.


Task and activity management

By recording exactly how much time is spent on each task for each customer, you have a clear overview of the business and where your employees' time is spent. This means you can ensure that you are providing the right service to customers and you can identify any efficiency issues.

  • Assigning the right people to the right customer or task
  • Get a clear overview of tasks
  • Easy timereporting for employees
  • Integration with HR, payroll and financial systems
  • Make better decisions with clear insights how time is spent
    Workforce management

    Access control management

    An effective access control system is essential for you to know who is on site at any given time, both from a security perspective and in the event of a fire or other evacuation. With our solution, you can keep track of employees, suppliers and visitors so that you and your employees can feel safe.

    • Increased security and compliance on all your access points
    • Central access management and reporting
    • Full control over who enters the premises
    • Reduce the cost of dedicated security staff 
    • Integrated visitor management solution 
    • Safe for staff and visitors
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      With digital workforce planning, you can seamlessly assign tasks to the right people at the right time. This means your business can become more efficient and service levels increase. You'll be prepared for fluctuating workloads, and you'll also have access to information that allows you to better anticipate future demands, as well as reduce errors by minimising manual processes. 

      • Gain insight into your team's costs and workload. 
      • Real-time self-service on any device
      • Identify gaps and opportunities
      • Remove manual processes
      • Reduce the workload of HR, managers and executives. 
      • Faster response to unforeseen events
      • Ensure a correct payroll, even with the most complex planning
        A large, international company like Accor has to standardise processes. Therefore, we needed a comprehensive HR solution that could be used in multiple countries.
        Emilien Felix, Project Manager Talent & Culture Engagement and Digital Services

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