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Robust HR Data Management

Centralised HR data management tooling

Centralised, structured management of all your employee data relieves your team of repetitive tasks and reduces the margin of error. By linking all your HR systems together with a reliable, intuitive HR data management solution from SD Worx, you can gather valuable data on costs, productivity, talent, and the entire employee lifecycle.

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Centralised HR data management tooling

Gain control over the entire employee lifecycle


Automation and standardisation

Access data covering the full employee lifecycle via a simple interface and automatic, standardised processes – no repetitive manual work required. Employee self-service empowers your workforce to maintain their own data and simplifies, automates, and optimises request and approval processes.


Ample reporting capabilities

Gain clear visibility over key metrics and communicate key figures and trends covering your entire workforce – for better, more informed HR decisions.


Cloud migration and seamless integration

Avoid errors and boost efficiency with our cloud migration capabilities and seamless integration with your existing tooling and systems.


A full-service partnership

Do away with the complexity of dealing with multiple providers. Count on an end-to-end combination of software, expertise, and data-driven insights from SD Worx in the form of people analytics.

Multi-country Core HR

Multi-country core HR made easy

No need for a mishmash of tools and implementation plans. With SD Worx People, you get an all-in-one core HR solution to manage your entire extended workforce across all countries.

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