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Automated Onboarding

Automated, seamless onboarding experiences

Finding and keeping the talent your business needs to grow is harder than ever, with more than a third of new hires leaving within their first year. Pave the way for long, productive and engaged careers with an automated onboarding solution from SD Worx that cuts administration and prioritises a quick, smooth integration process.

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Automated, seamless onboarding experiences


The power of automated processes

Automated onboarding minimises paperwork, delays, risk of errors and administrative burdens – for an HR team that can focus 100% on value-adding tasks. Make the best impression possible to new talent and pave the way for productive and enthusiastic careers.


Rapid employee integration

Make sure that engagement and satisfaction stay high by integrating new hires quickly and smoothly via a consistent onboarding experience.


Built-in workflows

Issue personalised welcome letters, set up new employee accounts, arrange training opportunities and add new hires to organisational charts in a few clicks. The tool converts onboarding checklists into optimised workflows and makes it easy to follow up on delays or discrepancies in workflows.


Comprehensive data and document management

SD Worx integrated tooling centralises personal information, contract and job details and data covering salary, working pattern, benefits, dependents, emergency information and more in one place. An integrated document management system for the storage of contracts, relevant policies, etc.