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Career Development and Support Services

Career development and support services for individuals

Data insights and powerful digital tools aren’t the only elements an organisation needs to develop its talent and provide engaging careers for sustainable growth. Also essential are support services that empower employees to steer their jobs, and to ensure that they have the best-possible opportunities when their careers at your organisation come to a close. Benefit from comprehensive individual employee support services and guaranteed legal compliance with SD Worx in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Career development and support services for individuals

Supporting your employees in every phase of their careers

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Assessment, development and career centres

Pave the way for a dynamic, engaged and future-proof workforce with assessment, counselling and development services from SD Worx. Make sure you have the right person for open positions and put your employees in the driver’s seat of their careers by offering model career paths and winning education and training opportunities.

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Supporting your people when employment comes to an end is a must – not simply for legal compliance, but to ensure they are well-positioned to take the next steps in their careers. Qualified coaches at SD Worx guarantee rapid, professional and personalised assistance with your file.

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Stress and burnout prevention

In a world characterised by constant change, employee welfare is critical not just for business results and absenteeism prevention, but to ensure high engagement, motivation and productivity. The SD Worx stress and burnout prevention programme supports your organisation in responding to these challenges.