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Learning & Development Management

Learning and development software for HR

People development is about much more than just training; it’s about empowering your employees to live up to their full potential. Rely on a software solution that enables you to set up a learning & development program that boosts their engagement, motivation and performance on the job in full alignment with the strategic goals of the business.

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Learning and development software for HR

Foster a continuous learning culture

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Learning management system (LMS)

Deploy and track online training content and offer a platform for conversation and knowledge sharing, anywhere and anytime. Easily manage certifications and compliance reporting, and automate learning & development-related workflows.

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Training management system

A training management system (TMS) streamlines training administration, making it easy for your team to manage course catalogues, track expenses and book rooms. Personalise your approach with content recommendations tailored to your team’s needs. 

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Learning content management system

Create – and co-create – many types of learning content, from rapid learning modules to games. Empower every employee to both develop their skills as well as the competencies of their peers. 

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Integration with other HR systems

Unlock a goal and competency-based learning approach by integrating core HR, payroll and key talent management solutions to enable a goal and competency-based approach to learning.