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Data and insights

Data Insights capability

Gathering, processing and analysing payroll and HR data across departments isn’t an easy task, but it can lead to invaluable insights. It helps to understand the workforce, efficiently deploy resources, and plan for the future. We help with every aspect of this process, from translating your company strategy into HR to installing handy dashboards.

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Data Insights capability

Transform data into business value

Consolidated payroll and HR data

Reduce manual work

SD Worx is able to consolidate data such as payroll and employee data, time registration, absences and other data from many sources and make it available in an easy-to-use way. This reduces manual work massively as well as the chance of errors, and enables you and your team to focus on core strategic tasks.

Decision making based on analytics and data

Stay on top of the game

By consolidating data and making it readily available, we help your business to stay on top of trends, to spot risks, to make better analysis and to supply rich information to executive management. No matter if you operate locally or internationally. For example, just think of the efficiency gains you’d get with a harmonised multi-country reporting.

Standard and customised payroll and HR data reporting and tools

Choose what YOU need

Choose one of our off-the-shelf payroll and HR analytics and data tools which provide standard dashboards and reports to use instantly. Or benefit from customisable solutions that allow you to combine your own data with the rich HR data we are able to provide. This enables you to craft reports and dashboards meeting your exact needs.

Full support with HR metrics with SD Worx data consultants

Benefit from consulting services

Experts from SD Worx investigate your data landscape and approach, offering tailored reports and helping you improve your decision-making processes.

Ellen Soete
Before SD Worx Data Insights, we needed 4 days a month to report. Now, we’re ready in a few mouse clicks. It’s the ideal solution for every company looking to make data-driven HR decisions.
Ellen Soete, HR Director, Indigo Belgium