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SD Worx and Pointlogic HR join forces


Brussels, 7 February 2020 – HR service provider SD Worx has acquired Pointlogic HR, a major supplier of innovative software for reward and management solutions and associated consulting services in the Netherlands and Belgium. Pointlogic HR shall continue to operate independently within SD Worx from its location in Rotterdam (Netherlands), ensuring continuity for its employees and customers. The company serves more than a third of the Dutch population.

Pointlogic HR's software runs in the cloud. Using the imagine platform, employers can simulate and analyse their total future wage cost, e.g. in the event of changes to the labour law or expansion plans. They can determine their reward policy or adjust their remuneration strategy based on real data. In addition, Pointlogic HR offers the inspire reward communication platform, which allows employees to instantly see the value of their total pay package as well as the value of any fringe benefits, such as company vehicles, group insurance, mobile phone remuneration or medical insurance.

    High aspirations

    "Employees increasingly receive extra remuneration through fringe and non-cash benefits, alongside traditional payroll. Our software enables the distribution of cash and non-cash remuneration to be planned and modelled, while all compensation and benefits can be shown in a clear overview. Employees receive a detailed overview of their total reward package via the software. Few companies today are able to offer such a comprehensive reward statement, despite this being an important part of a good employee experience. Thanks to the merger with SD Worx – the number two in Europe for payroll – we can help our clients achieve their HR aspirations both on a domestic and international level", states Bas Ossewaarde, Group Director at Pointlogic HR.

    "Pointlogic HR is a great company that fits perfectly into our growth strategy and how we see the future of payroll and HR", explains Kobe Verdonck, CEO of SD Worx. "The company offers people solutions for both employers and employees, a group with whom we are increasingly having direct contact. Thanks to smart technology, they are making the complexity surrounding everything to do with salaries clear and understandable. Intelligent data analysis also makes realistic forecasts possible. We firmly believe this offers our clients genuine added value."

    Today, Pointlogic HR operates primarily in the Netherlands, but has also been present in Belgium for the last two years. With this acquisition, SD Worx will also be able to offer Pointlogic HR's applications in other European countries. Pointlogic HR will retain its brand, software and team of specialised developers and implementation consultants. All further product development will also stay within the company. Finally, they will work closely with the SD Worx product developers to integrate the applications into existing SD Worx solutions and further expand them.

      More information

      Pieter Goetgebuer
      PR & Corporate Communication Manager SD Worx Group
      T +32 (0)3 201 76 68 / M +32 (0)497 45 36 73

      Steven Hölscher
      Marketing Lead Pointlogic HR
      M +31 (0)6 41 76 70 84 / M +31 (0)10 310 88 10

        About SD Worx

        In today's New World of Work, people want to be inspired by what they do and have the freedom to focus on what truly matters. At the same time, organisations need dynamic and motivated employees who can anticipate smart technologies. As a leading European supplier of people solutions, SD Worx enables organisations to use HR to deliver added value to their own business and all who work for them. SD Worx provides people solutions that help people throughout their entire careers: from attracting to rewarding and developing the talents that make organisations successful. SD Worx contributes to higher service levels among organisations and offers its services via four channels: technology, outsourcing, extensive expertise and data-driven insights.

        More than 68,000 small and large enterprises around the world put their trust in SD Worx's 75 years of experience. The company offers its people solutions in 130 countries, calculates the salaries of approximately 4.6 million employees and ranks among the top five worldwide. More than 4,600 SD Worx employees are active in 10 countries: Belgium (head office), Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

        SD Worx is the co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance, a global strategic network of leading payroll companies that together handle 32 million payroll calculations. In 2018, SD Worx achieved a consolidated turnover of EUR 594.4 million.

        More information is available at www.sdworx.com / Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

          About Pointlogic HR

          Now more than ever, the success of an organisation is determined by the motivation and commitment of its employees. An important part of achieving this is having a good, fair, clear and valued remuneration package for all members of staff – and at the right cost.

          To help organisations achieve this, Pointlogic HR has been active in the field of reward management solutions for over 20 years. With the best of both worlds in Reward, we help to manage wage costs and create employee appreciation by offering insights into both. The result: Connecting Reward.

          We help our clients with cloud-based solutions that provide real added value for both individuals and organisations. These solutions have been tried and tested for years in the Netherlands and more recently in Belgium, and are designed to be used across multiple countries. We now provide these solutions to more than 3 million employees and help more than 100 organisations.

          Pointlogic HR has a team of driven professionals who take pride in adding value for employees and organisations every day, using services and proprietary software developed in Rotterdam.

          More information is available at www.pointlogichr.nl / Follow us on LinkedIn