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SD Worx offers people solutions since 1945 and serves 5 million+ people every day, side by side with our partners, our clients and all the talent in the SD Worx family. As a result, we have a wealth of information about the global workforce.

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SD Worx acquires cloud payroll startup TribePerk to expand into Polish SME market

SD Worx, the leading European HR and payroll solutions provider, has acquired the Polish HR tech startup TribePerk. This fast-growing HR tech start-up offers an integrated suite of HR cloud solutions including payroll, core HR and time & attendance to Polish SMEs. With this acquisition, SD Worx expands its go-to-market to Polish SMEs and strengthens its position on the Polish market, where it already serves mid-market businesses and where it is the local market leader in SAP & SuccessFactors solutions.


One in three European companies has already invested in AI in the workplace

One in three European companies has already invested in artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. One in five employees is concerned about AI potentially taking over a large number of their tasks. These are the results of a recent large-scale European survey conducted by HR service provider SD Worx among more than 5,000 companies and 18,000 employees in 18 European countries. Although the role of AI is becoming increasingly important, European companies do not consider its use in HR operations to be one of their greatest challenges in 2024.


SD Worx successfully closes acquisition of Romanian market leader in payroll & HR solutions

SD Worx, the leading European HR and payroll solutions provider, has successfully closed the acquisition of Romanian Software S.R.L., the market leader in Romania for payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions.


SD Worx and Protime Strengthen Partnership with Cycling Team, Extending Contract Until 2028

European HR services provider, SD Worx along with Protime, the leading name in European timekeeping and employee scheduling solutions, have renewed  their commitment as the main sponsors of Team SD Worx – Protime. Extending their partnership through 2028.


Nine in ten European companies count on external help for payroll

Ten per cent of European companies manage their payroll independently, relying on their own experts and software to do so. In contrast, 7% completely outsource the payroll process to an external party. Over 80% of European companies (83%) choose to partly outsource and partly manage their payroll administration internally with their own experts or software. This is according to a new large-scale survey by SD Worx, the leading European HR services provider, who polled over five thousand companies across 18 European countries. The survey also shows that 71% of employers are satisfied with the overall payroll processing within their company. However, organisations still struggle with several challenges, including speed and efficiency of payroll processing.


SD Worx subsidiary Protime acquires AI technology and expands workforce planning capabilities

Protime, the Belgian market leader in time registration and employee scheduling, has acquired Sheepblue, AI-based software for workforce planning, developed by the similarly named start-up founded in 2018 and headquartered in Vienna (Austria). The software specialises in shift-based industries that require precise workforce planning capabilities, such as manufacturing or logistics.