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SD Worx offers people solutions since 1945 and serves 5 million+ people every day, side by side with our partners, our clients and all the talent in the SD Worx family. As a result, we have a wealth of information about the global workforce.

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Four out of ten employers offer mobile app as central access point for HR applications

Digitalisation is a priority at many companies, with two-thirds endorsing it as a general goal. Digitalising HR fits in well with that, and six out of ten companies are investing in this area. All top three of HR tech investments are dedicated to employee-oriented HR applications. These facts were revealed by a new study of 4,833 employers and 16,011 employees in sixteen European countries, commissioned by European payroll and HR services provider SD Worx.

ESG CSR Illustration

SD Worx releases extended Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

SD Worx, the leading European HR solutions provider, has published an extended Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. The ESG report has dedicated sections on the ESG strategy, ambitions, and governance. It presents a materiality analysis and indicates how SD Worx creates social impact and supports its customers to manage their ESG initiatives.

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Half of employees have no problem with communicating openly about their pay package

Around half (46%) of European employees do not regard communicating openly and transparently about the content of their pay package as a problem. A quarter prefer to keep this to themselves and 30% do not really have an opinion on it. Croatians are the most candid (59%) about their pay slips and Danes the most reluctant (38%). This is shown by international research into remuneration by SD Worx, the leading European HR and Payroll Provider, covering 16,000 employees in sixteen countries.European companies will soon be subject to new legislation, which will involve employers offering more openness about pay packages, thus making it easier for employees to compare salaries – and also revealing any pay gap.

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Tax system is the biggest payroll challenge

Six out of ten European companies identify the tax system as the biggest challenge in the payroll process. The updated Payroll Proficiency Index of European HR service provider SD Worx shows that several elements can either complicate or simplify the payroll process. The index shows how well European companies are handling their payroll processes based on six elements: legislation, technology, remuneration, in-house payroll expertise, staffing and external partners. Strikingly, only a third of European companies exclusively use cloud technology for their payroll, even though it does simplify the process.

Digital increasing bar graph with businessman hand overlay

SD Worx continues growth strategy and reports good results for 2022

SD Worx, the leading European HR solutions provider, achieved a consolidated revenue of EUR 962.1 million in 2022, which is an increase of +12.1% compared to 2021 (EUR 858.1 million). The normalised EBITDA grew to EUR 136.7 million, or 18.3% more compared to 2021 (EUR 115.6 million). The net profit climbed to EUR 81 million, an increase of 73.1% compared to 2021 (EUR 46.8 million).

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Almost half of the employees choose a company based on working hours and flexible time arrangements

Companies can use data analysis to deploy their staff smartly, efficiently and productively, while taking planning, available capacity and skills, and occupational goals into account.

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