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SD Worx expands global payroll coverage to 150 countries, signing regional partnership with ADAM HCM in the Americas


SD Worx, a leading European HR & payroll services provider, has signed a partnership with ADAM Human Capital Management, the payroll and human talent management software leader in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Thanks to this new partnership, SD Worx can now provide enhanced global solutions to its more than 70,000 customers around the world.

ADAM (headquartered in Dallas, Texas) offers payroll software and services for 33 countries in the Mexican, Latin American and Caribbean markets with a particular focus on the needs of Global 2,500 multinational enterprises, and government institutions. The company offers substantial regional experience with more than three decades in business, 300 customers, and nearly 400,000 monthly payslips. Given its particular focus on the needs of the CALA region, ADAM has built a reputation for accuracy, professionalism, and customer satisfaction and is uniquely suited to partner with SD Worx in its global expansion. ADAM’s proprietary, regional software and services provide a deep integration with SD Worx’s global platform and a cohesive customer experience, no matter the country served. Both SD Worx and ADAM look forward to working together and to further developing their respective solutions for global customers.

    Kobe Verdonck, CEO of SD Worx: “As an international company, we follow our customers, wherever they operate across the globe, because we are convinced that proximity and local expertise are important assets to guarantee the best customer experience. At the same time, we offer these international companies a global governance, so they keep the overall overview. While they focus on their core business, they can outsource their payroll and HR completely to us. Further international growth fits in our overall growth strategy. Thanks to the partnership with ADAM, we can now provide services in 150 countries.”

      As an international company, we follow our customers, wherever they operate across the globe.
      Kobe Verdonck, CEO, SD Worx
      Working together brings meaningful benefits to SD Worx’s clients, global users will be able to take advantage of ADAM’s unified solution for faster implementation, customization, and regional administration while also enjoying the benefits of SD Worx’s global expertise in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.
      Brian Beneke, CEO, ADAM