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Christophe Petit leaving SD Worx Staffing & Career Solutions

Christophe Petit, who until now managed SD Worx Staffing & Career Solutions, will continue his career outside SD Worx. Christophe Petit laid the foundations to make SD Worx Staffing & Career Solutions a success story. This entity, with focus on the market for flexible work, plays an important role in the overall growth story of SD Worx.

Maurice Bisschop will continue to manage Staffing & Career Solutions in the Netherlands, Robin Beens will manage Staffing & Career Solutions Belgium. As General Manager SME Belgium at SD Worx People Solutions, he has built up a broad regional network in the SME market, alongside his SME teammates. There is still a lot of potential to assist customers with their recruitment needs in the SME market. Pending the appointment of his successor, Robin will continue in his current position for the time being. Maurice and Robin will report directly to Filip Dierckx, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SD Worx.

Robin Beens: "I am very curious to get to know the flexible employment sector, which is still new to me. A closer cooperation between both entities, with tactical and strategic alignment, offers us a unique opportunity to provide additional value for our customers."

Maurice Bisschop: "Because SD Worx People Solutions and SD Worx Staffing & Career Solutions will be working even more closely together, we will be able to create many opportunities and offer our customers a total HR solution."