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Analytics and consulting firm NelsonHall commends SD Worx for workforce management


Leading analytics and consulting firm NelsonHall praises SD Worx for its workforce management tools and expertise. In a recent review, NelsonHall emphasised the special COVID-19 solutions SD Worx offers its clients. It also highlighted the digital progress of SD Worx' workforce management software, which inspired much positive feedback.

NelsonHall is a global leader in the analysis of businesses and their digital operational transformations. NelsonHall used its New World Workforce Management assessment to investigate the workforce management offerings and capabilities available from SD Worx and other players.

SD Worx operates in the workforce management market through the brands Adessa (consulting firm for HR software in the cloud and related services), Protime (leading the market in time registration, access control and personnel planning) and Strobbo (start-up specialising in personnel planning software). 

The coronavirus pandemic has presented companies with many challenges regarding teleworking and control measures in the workplace. Furthermore, there is a move towards more flexible work arrangements, increasing interest in time registration. SD Worx has designed specific solutions to support employers in such matters. NelsonHall points out Protime's solutions to tackle COVID-19 such as taking temperatures, contact tracing and access control. The coronavirus crisis has unquestionably been a major driver, given the needs related to working from home and applying for or reporting a presence in the office. SD Worx' workforce management services grew by 8% in 2020. SD Worx wants to grow its workforce management services in the short term by further addressing the new circumstances businesses are currently facing. That is essential for a great many companies, in retail and transport for example, and NelsonHall confirms this. 

NelsonHall also lauded SD Worx' new user environment with its software options for document management, integration with Outlook calendars and shift changes, and wide range of offerings available in close to forty countries. SD Worx intends to continue expanding this geographical footprint. The focus will be on customers who operate in multiple European countries and are interested in finding simple, centralised ways of working for their employees. Such companies may have 20 to 30,000 employees. 

"We're delighted with the survey results, of course", says Michael Custers, CMO at SD Worx. "It's a nice recognition of the fact that NelsonHall, too, has great confidence in our continuing growth in the area of workforce management."