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SD Worx appoints Kelly Lespinoy as Chief Legal & Compliance Officer


SD Worx, a leading European HR & payroll services provider, has appointed Kelly Lespinoy Chief Legal & Compliance Officer. Kelly joins the Executive Committee and reports directly to CEO Kobe Verdonck

After 5 years of experience as a lawyer working for law firms in Belgium, Kelly started working for SD Worx in 2010 and quickly became involved in the international growth of SD Worx, actively contributing to its many acquisitions.

“The great thing about working at SD Worx, is that you get many opportunities to evolve. In 2017 I had the chance to try out HR consultancy for a few months, only to realise that my heart was in legal & compliance. It is fantastic that I have been offered this new opportunity, to be able to put the entire legal & compliance business even further on the map within SD Worx, together with the tremendously committed teams, and to develop it further in the coming years in order to support SD Worx in its growth plans.”

In her new role, Kelly Lespinoy will lead Corporate Legal, Risk & Security and Group Internal Controls & Compliance. Kelly succeeds Fabienne Lallemand, who remains actively involved within the group as Chief Legal & Compliance Officer of WorxInvest, the parent company of SD Worx. Fabienne will be member of the WorxInvest Executive Committee. She will also continue to act as Secretary-General to the Boards of Directors and Committees of the SD Worx companies and remain responsible for the corporate governance of the SD Worx legal entities.