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SD Worx signs partnership with PayGroup to help European multi-country customers growing into the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions


The leading European payroll and HR services provider SD Worx has signed a partnership with PayGroup to support its European multi-country customers having branches in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region. PayGroup started operating in 2005 and is one of the top three independent payroll and HR providers in Asia-Pacific, providing mission critical services across 82 countries.

SD Worx has offices in 17 European countries, serving 76,000 customers of any size operating in all industries. It manages the payroll for more than 5 million employees every month. SD Worx has a strong European focus but can help customers doing business across the world. For payroll and HR services and solutions beyond Europe, SD Worx collaborates with regional partners so it covers more than 150 countries worldwide today. To help their multi-country European customers with staff in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions, SD Worx will work together with PayGroup.

“Customer centricity is in our DNA. We help our customers with their payroll and HR, wherever in the world they are doing business. The local presence of qualified payroll and HR specialists in the markets where our customers are operating contributes to an excellent customer experience. Combined with our global governance for our multi-country customers, we serve them the best of both worlds. We trust that our customers in APAC and the Middle East are in good hands with PayGroup”, says Michael Custers, CMO of SD Worx

    Michael Custers
    We trust that our customers in APAC and the Middle East are in good hands with PayGroup
    Michael Custers
    Michael Custers, Strategy, SD Worx

    “Payroll compliance is our specialty, and our unparalleled knowledge of local regulatory environments has led to our trusted position in the region. With established infrastructure across 41 countries in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East alone, we are excited to partner with SD Worx to support their customer base with fully compliant payroll and payment solutions”, says Mark Samlal, CEO and Managing Director of PayGroup. “Listening to our customers is at the heart of everything we do, which is demonstrated by our continued growth and the trust placed in us to deliver mission critical services. 
    We believe this commitment to our customers and our focus on delivering world-class services is highly aligned to the global strategy of SD Worx. We are excited by the opportunity to grow with SD Worx and look forward to the partnership prospering.”