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SD Worx releases extended Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

ESG CSR Illustration

SD Worx, the leading European HR solutions provider, has published an extended Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. The ESG report has dedicated sections on the ESG strategy, ambitions, and governance. It presents a materiality analysis and indicates how SD Worx creates social impact and supports its customers to manage their ESG initiatives.

In recent years, the ESG and sustainability agenda have clearly gained prominence. Growing global expectations to deal with the climate change, social inequality and other non-financial topics and the lack of transparency and accountability of companies reporting on these themes, have led to mounting calls by stakeholders to manage sustainability.

Steve Engelen, Integrated Reporting Officer at SD Worx further explains: “Employees, investors, customers, regulators, and other stakeholders want companies to take responsible initiatives and report consistently. Regulators have introduced mandatory disclosures and new reporting requirements that organisations will need to comply henceforth. This explains why we have published this revised and more extensive ESG report that addresses relevant sustainable topics society expects us to report on. New encompassing chapters in the various domains are introduced with topics like carbon footprint, remuneration policies, governance structure and risk management.”

    ESG-inspired offerings for customers

    SD Worx focuses on sustainability and the development of workforce. That’s why it has developed a portfolio of ESG-inspired offerings that can be tailor-made for customers. The specific offerings are derived from its product portfolio, directly activating its ESG ambitions to create social impact and foster the right environment for people and organisations to thrive. SD Worx can assist businesses and HR leaders in their ESG challenges and compliancy needs in the form of reporting and HR dashboards.

    “In June 2023, the EU will officially come out with their European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). It will be interesting to see which indicators will exactly be required and become obligatory, so we can support our customers with solutions such as HR dashboarding, employee benefit programmes, career management tools, payroll reporting, etc. For example, we can help our customers reporting on the number of employees, gender, remuneration differences or H&S statistics,” says Steve.