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Customer Support Processing

SD Worx has contracted ServiceNow for the provision of Cloud products for its customer support services. Data entered as part of customer support requests and visits to SD Worx customer pages may generate personal data that will be stored on infrastructure operated by ServiceNow. Customer personal data will be stored in datacenters located in Europe which are operated by ServiceNow. Such data include user account data, ticket data, data in backups and data in logs. For application management and support services around the ServiceNow platform, SD Worx has engaged the IT management services provider Sofigate. Access to Customer Personal Data by ServiceNow/Sofigate employees is only allowed in specific cases as permitted by SD Worx and will only be permitted if such personnel is based in EU/EEA.

For the purposes of keeping security logs to identify threats and perform mitigation actions a user IP address will be stored by ServiceNow.  

SD Worx will operate the ServiceNow platform in accordance with Privacy standards currently in place and agreed with our customers. This means that personal and special categories of data are managed according to Data Protection Agreements and relevant instructions for retention. SD Worx has concluded Data Processing Agreements with ServiceNow and Sofigate that define processing restrictions in place in alignment with Data Processing Agreements that SD Worx (Processor) has concluded with our Customers (Controllers).

The information stated on this website relates to a notice to our Norwegian customers sent in January 2020 and Finnish and Swedish customers sent in February 2020. SD Worx intends to activate ServiceNow as a sub processor during the spring 2020, at this time our Records of Processing (www.sdworx.com/en-en/gdpr-rop) will be updated with the information stated below. We recommend our customers to update any relevant employee privacy notices or records of processing.

Any further information can be obtained by contacting privacy@sdworx.com.

General Information

ServiceNow currently only uses other ServiceNow entities as Sub processors. These are ServiceNow, Inc. (USA), ServiceNow Nederland B.V. (the Netherlands), ServiceNow Australia Pty Ltd (Australia), ServiceNow Software Development India Private Limited (India), ServiceNow UK Ltd. (United Kingdom), ServiceNow Ireland Limited (Ireland), and ServiceNow Japan K.K. (Japan).