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Improving morale_ tips on empowering your employee experience

Improving morale: tips on empowering your employee experience

Business Studies 101 tells us staff are the most valuable and expensive resource within any company, but how can your business create an empowering atmosphere within which employees flourish and morale is high?
There are countless experts creating noise on the matter of HR and it can seem impossible to sift out the most relevant information. So, we thought we'd give you some food for thought to start off with.

    1. Working from home and flexible working

    Many leading organisations, particularly those who may have employees who need to travel for work or have family commitments, have flexible working arrangements for their employees. Consequently, they are able to attract and nurture exceptional people with this unique perk. However, if you're new to the world of non-traditional working practices, this can seem daunting and requires a lot of trusting and transparent working relationships. But think about it from this perspective; recent studies suggest that over 20% of Europeans  commute at least 90 minutes daily - a journey which would grate on even the most motivated of us. If you could ease this even once a week for a valued employee, you would not only give them a lie-in but would show them their worth within the organisation.

      2. Ditch the traditional meeting

      There's nothing worse than an hour-long meeting request popping into your diary with a vague subject title. Cut down on this wasted time by replacing arduous weekly updates meetings with quick daily scrums. Studies suggest people will fill an allocated meeting time with discussion, even if it is not needed. By allowing only 15 minutes each morning for highlights - such as what you did yesterday, what you'll do today, and any impediments in your way - you'll cut back on that monotony and buy yourself hours.

      Why not streamline this even further and introduce a digital meeting? Video conferencing apps like Zoom are quickly taking over in the startup ecosystem as people don't want to waste valuable billing hours travelling to and from meeting locations. This is especially useful if you have offices in different locations and countries who find it difficult to come together physically.

        3. Holiday days? Take what you need

        Everyone needs time off work whether that's a week on a sunkissed beach, a day to lounge in PJs or even a day to volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about. Many of the world's most famous trailblazers have introduced an unlimited holiday day pot allowing employees to take as much time as they need without having to count time or buy expensive extra packages from HR.
        Global organisations such as Netflix and Google  not only vouch that this method prevents employee burnout, but also assert that the trust you impart gives employees the confidence and morale boost to really lead and own the projects they work on. Though be careful as there could be a tendency for this to backfire on those left behind in the office.

        By implementing systems such as these which show your employees that their time is valued, you will undoubtedly boost morale and create a culture which staff do not want to leave. Looking for more help on your international strategy for HR? Wherever you are located, SD Worx has a wealth of experience to help inspire your staff and cultivate a truly innovative workplace that helps your team succeed beyond challenges and borders.

          To learn more about SD Worx, our genuine passion for results and how we help our clients to thrive.

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