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Employee engagement

In times when change has become the only constant, it’s essential to keep an eye on employee engagement. Is everyone still committed to your mission and connected to the team? If the answer is not a wholehearted ‘yes’, you’ll want to check out our content overview. Ready, set, engage!

Employee Engagement
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head image_blog_post_Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions

Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions

New year, new name.

This year starts with an exciting change for us. Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions and will be a fully integrated member of the SD Worx family.

The SD Worx SAP Solutions offering is now available on the SDWorx.com site. Stay tuned to discover all the SAP content on SD Worx websites going forward!

What a way to start 2023! Let's spark success together.

Hitting all 4 nails in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

Hitting all 4 nails in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

On top of cultivating a strong DEIB culture in your organisation, it’s important to ensure all your employees feel included, empowered and trusted. Read all about it in this blog post.

head image_blog post_What is the future of work and how will job change?

What is the Future of Work and How will Jobs Change?

When we talk about the future of work, the concept of work and an employee's role within the company are constantly evolving.

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Arjen van Hooydonk, HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Solution Architect at SD Worx SAP solutions, about the future of work and how he thinks that jobs will change in the future. The future of work explains how work will evolve over the next decade because of technical, generational and societal transformations.

head image_blog post_HR digitalisation SILVA medical

How SILVA Medical Improved their Recruitment process and Candidate Experience through HR Digitalisation

As the healthcare industry in Belgium is mature and there is a war for talent, SILVA Medical, a Belgian hospital group, faced issues in its recruitment processes and candidate experience. The non-profit has always had strong assets in terms of attracting talent, but these were not highlighted, and its communication left room for improvement. The HR department wanted to catch up with a delay in the digitalisation of the organisation


Fostering an inspiring corporate culture

With start-ups popping up everywhere, new working methods and a war for talent, the need to stand out with an inspiring corporate culture has grown. Ashvin Pudaruth, Managing Director of SD Worx Mauritius, boils it down to a simple choice: ‘Either you make culture, including values and leadership, a strategic priority or you don’t; there is no middle way.’

head img_blog post_the great resignation or great reset

The Great Resignation or the Great Reset?

Globally, millions of employees are leaving their jobs in historically high numbers. This phenomenon has been dubbed "The Great Resignation." An autumn 2021 study found that nearly one in four UK employees planned on switching jobs in the next few months. And the trends have only continued through this spring.


Communicating about remuneration: 5 tips

Remuneration absolutely tops the list of reasons to stay (or start) with an employer. But talking about remuneration is still taboo. With these 5 tips you can get beyond that.


Employee personas: creating unique experiences in a hybrid world

Use employee personas to design tailored employee experiences (EX) for your hybrid workforce. This is why, what and how to get started.


Top 10 HR challenges for 2022 (and how to face them)

(Re)connecting with people runs like a thread through the top 10 HR challenges for the future. We’ve asked 10 renowned SD Worx experts to each analyse a specific challenge and how to turn them into opportunities.



How to be smart about HR's biggest challenges

The main HR challenges for 2022 are all about valuing people. This is how you can make a meaningful impact on employees and restore their zest for work.

vrouwen zitten op de bank met laptops

How to improve internal mobility: 5 easy-to-implement techniques

A recent employer survey by SD Worx, in which nearly 1,400 European companies shared their future intentions regarding HR, leaves no room for misunderstanding: internal mobility is top of mind. Companies are increasingly looking inwards for talent.

How to turn your workspace into an employee experience centre

How to turn your workspace into an employee experience centre

COVID-19 has a great impact on employees, with mass homeworking as one of the most remarkable outcomes. Many companies are pulling out all the stops to establish viable homeworking policies, implement digital tools and create a renewed organisational culture.