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How SILVA Medical Improved their Recruitment process and Candidate Experience through HR Digitalisation

Read more about how SAP SuccessFactors implementation and HR digitalisation improved recruitment and employee feedback in the medical non-profit. 

As the healthcare industry in Belgium is mature and there is a war for talent, SILVA Medical, a Belgian hospital group, faced issues in its recruitment processes and candidate experience. The non-profit has always had strong assets in terms of attracting talent, but these were not highlighted, and its communication left room for improvement. The HR department wanted to catch up with a delay in the digitalisation of the organisation

    More about SILVA Medical 

    SILVA Medical is a non-profit, professional and patient-focused hospital group. It is comprised of three hospital sites in Belgium, which specialise in rehabilitation and palliative and comfort care, psychiatry, and elderly care for people with memory problems or dementia. SILVA Medical consider it an honour to help shape the future by providing cutting-edge, individualised healthcare. Boldness, advancement, teamwork, humanity, and passion are values that drive their mission. 

      head image_blog post_HR digitalisation SILVA medical

      Why did SILVA Medical Require a Recruitment Process? 

      The healthcare industry is a mature market in Belgium and there is a war for talent going on. SILVA Medical's HR department intended to catch up with a delay in the digitalisation of the organisation. The recruitment process was not centralised, nor compliant with GDPR. SILVA Medical was looking to stand out in its recruitment efforts and be more in tune with the feedback of its current employees to strengthen employer branding and candidate experience. 

        SILVA Medical's Goals  

        • Align and digitalise the recruiting process, centralising it and ensuring GDPR compliance 
        • Improve employer branding and candidate experience  
        • Implement an internal communication tool to be more in tune with employee feedback  

          Why Choose SD Worx SAP solutions for the HRIS Implementation project? 

          img2_blog post_HR digitalisation SILVA medical

          SILVA Medical selected SD Worx SAP solutions for this project because of our experience in SAP SuccessFactors. Our local knowledge also played a significant role. We have a talented group of functional and technical professionals who can create strong, long-term professional partnerships. 

          The Results: SD Worx SAP solutions Helps SILVA Medical Improve Recruitment Processes 

          SILVA Medical now has a defined, formalised, and effective recruitment process. A good indicator of the value of the project is the high user adoption. KPIs are currently being finalised. Standardisation and clarification of internal processes led to improved business and HR alignment, smoother processes, and higher quality recruiting profiles. 

          Candidates' feedback has been positive, finding a structured and transparent process with clear communication.  

            Exciting Win: SAP Silver Customer Success Award 

            An especially exciting result of this project was that SILVA medical won the SAP Silver Customer Success Award! The award was for the implementation of SuccessFactors Recruitment in Belgium and Luxembourg, with the category rapid time to value. This win was a great achievement by both the SILVA Medical and SD Worx SAP solutions teams. We are proud to be their implementation partner and team up with them to become better employers.  

              img3_blog post_HR digitalisation SILVA medical

              Key Factors to the Project's Success 

              Excellent cooperation between the teams from SILVA medical and SD Worx SAP solutions played a key role in the project's success. We put in place a strong implementation methodology based on SAP activate. Clear communication, frequent touchpoints (organised project governance), and SharePoint-based solutions made collaboration easier. 

              Effective communication and flexibility were also key. Deliverables for training and documentation were set in place during the initiation phase. The methodology includes documentation and training throughout the entire process. 

              The teams at SILVA Medical and SD Worx SAP solutions are both focused on solutions. Both parties openly discussed requests, priorities, and budget constraints. New requirements that arise will be managed by the evolutive maintenance covered by our ProCare support contract in place.  

                What Lies Ahead 

                By the middle of May 2022, Learning became operational. In early 2023, we plan to integrate Onboarding and Performance & Goals. We are thrilled to continue collaborating with SILVA Medical and improving their HRIS implementation, allowing them to focus on becoming an even better employer.

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