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Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions

The ambition of SD Worx is simple: we want to be the European leader of integrated, end-to-end HR solutions for all organisations and workers. The strategic difference we apply versus our competitors to get there is customer intimacy: our capacity to build strong, long-lasting, expertise-driven relationships with customers operating in all segments, locally and internationally. 

We turn HR into a source of value for our customers’ business and people, leveraging our full portfolio. We unite the most important components of our services, based on our intellectual property and the expertise of third parties, under a single contract, brand, and team to provide our customers with a seamless and cohesive experience. 

That’s why we have fully integrated our SAP capabilities into the SD Worx family now and changed the name of Adessa into SD Worx SAP solutions. This integration will simplify our go-to-market, create a joined-up and unified set of offerings for large enterprises, providing simplicity in our customer relationships and customer journeys. 

SD Worx acquired Adessa in 2020 to strengthen its SAP expertise and services for the large enterprises segment across Europe. With more than 15 years of strong experience a dedicated team of more than 500 HR consultants supports companies with +2500 employees with their HR, Payroll & Workforce Management offering SAP HR, SuccessFactors, Workforce Software, UKG and Service Now.  

By fully integrating Adessa into SD Worx, we can offer our customers in the LE segment an even more seamless and unified experience, while keeping our focus on SAP. We are more ready than ever to help our customers innovating and improving their SAP HXM strategy so they can thrive. 

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