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AI in HR: Navigating the transition

How can HR leaders adapt and thrive during the AI revolution? Recently, SD Worx's HR Evangelist Jan Laurijssen shared his thoughts on the topic at an event in Italy. His talk, "Between Hope and Hype," sets the facts straight on the growing role of AI in the workplace. Below, we've compiled five key takeaways from the day. 

    1. Employees are divided on AI's benefits

    Jan revealed that when meeting people face to face across Europe, he notes a clear split in views on AI. Some are excited about the possibilities, while others are either cautious or unsure about what AI really means for their daily work. This clearly reveals an information gap, and underscores the need for comprehensive training to help employees understand the AI opportunity.

      2. AI is starting a revolution at work 

      Jan notes that organizations like the OECD have already recognized AI's increasing presence in our jobs. He shares that about 27% of jobs might disappear in the next few years because of digital advancements, including AI. However, it's crucial to also consider just how many jobs AI could create. For HR leaders, that means it's not only essential to help employees learn about AI, but also to help them up-skill or re-skill if necessary, so they can thrive in an AI-driven future. 

        3. HR's day-to-day will look very different

        Jan touched on the wide variety of ways in which AI is transforming HR, including finding and hiring talent, organizing work based on skills, and helping employees grow in their careers. He also introduced the term "algorithmic HRM," which refers to AI enabling better decision-making and automating HR activities through sophisticated data analysis and algorithmic interventions. 

          4. AI opportunity comes with its own challenges

          Jan's talk made it clear that AI offers many benefits, such as making HR processes more efficient, improving how employees and customers feel about their experiences, and making better decisions. However, he didn't ignore the challenges, discussing concerns about bias, privacy, and the double-edged sword of job creation and destruction. He stressed the importance of taking a balanced approach when using AI, with proper focus on monitoring, oversight and continuous learning. 

            5. It’s time for HR leaders to act

            Jan ended his talk by encouraging HR professionals to radically rethink their roles now that the AI revolution is upon us. He referred to Dave Ulrich's model, advocating for the integration of AI and people analytics into HR frameworks. The message was clear: for HR professionals, now is the moment to embrace AI, understand its implications, and prepare for its challenges, so you can leverage it fully to build a resilient and dynamic workforce. In the words of Jan Laurijssen, "it's a great time to be in HR."

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                Azra Ahmed - Corporate Content Creator at SD Worx

                Azra Ahmed

                Brand Content Creator at SD Worx