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Checklist for payroll and legal tech: 5 trends to tap into


Our 2022 Payroll Proficiency Index leaves no room for doubt: labour legislation has become an intricate maze in countries like Belgium, France and Germany. To safeguard legal compliance, many companies turn to HR partners for help. With success: 2 in 3 companies say outsourcing is making payroll (much) easier. And HR teams who wish to keep their finger on the pulse can easily do so with new payroll and legal tech. Make sure to tap into these trends when making a software choice.


    It’s all about getting access to the right expertise in the right format – anywhere, anytime.
    Katrien Hesters, Product Manager, SD Worx

    1. Go for a single platform

    Are you tired of juggling between all the applications, programmes and tools you signed up for over the past years? You should be. And chances are that you still feel you’re missing some desired outcomes. In that case, an integrated digital HR workplace is your go-to solution. This way, you not only meet your current payroll and legal needs, but also prepare for the future. Want to add talent management or learning to the mix? Your one-stop-shop for all things HR allows for numerous software integrations.


    2. Go for mobile first

    Mobile-optimised HR tech has the power to increase efficiency, flexibility and convenience – 3 key priorities in almost every modern-day business. For example, how nice would it be for quick answers to payroll and legal questions to be always within an arm’s length of HR professionals and employees, wherever they happen to be working? Make sure, however, that your new software solution is built to support all types of mobile devices, so everyone can conduct workplace matters on the go.


    3. Go for intelligent search options

    An important part of an enjoyable tech experience is the ability to instantly find what you’re looking for. That largely depends on the search functions your tech solution provides. Are you able to search in your own language? Does the platform build on previous searches and leverage natural language processing (NLP) to better match keywords with useful results? And what about voice technology? These are just some of the factors to take into account when comparing payroll and legal tech.


    4. Go for proactive tech

    The days of strictly reactive HR tech are over. The most effective payroll and legal software solutions are responsive and provide handy suggestions. An example: if you look for information on company vehicles, different pop-ups could lead you to a cost simulator, a roadmap for an e-car policy, the latest government incentives and other related content. This way, tech helps you to stay compliant and up to date. A digital sidekick might well become your new best friend.


    5. Go for click and chat bots

    Some tech providers integrate click and chat bots into their software solutions to quickly provide answers to the most frequently asked questions on payroll and labour legislation. This 24-hour service is ideal for HR professionals who want to clarify doubts or simply don’t know who to turn to for answers. If it’s a more complex subject, the bot will pass on to the right professionals. On the other hand, HR click and chat bots are also useful for your own employees, improving satisfaction and engagement.

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